Modern work from home ideas for new mums


This idea is also good for mums who want to work from home. Advertising can go alongside blogging and online publishing. One can get extra money from her blogging site through posting ads or Google AdSense. What is most important with this work is that you will need to have many followers either on your blogging site or your social media pages. This medium will help create more traffic, and then you can partner with a company or an organisation, and they can use you to get their products known to the people. The more the followers, the more the chance you will get to make more money.

Nail studio

You can learn the art of nail painting, fixing manmade nails or nail beautification. You can set up a studio at your home and women will be paying for your services.

Affiliate marketing

This method is a good way for mums to work from home and make extra income. This involves identifying the products you use or those that you love, and then you introduce them to people through affiliate advertisements. In this way, the makers of the goods and those companies selling the products will pay you in return. They do this by paying you a commission for every product or item that they sell. Sometimes the commission is regarding money, other times they do it by giving you discounts when you go shopping in their stalls.


For those of you who love writing, there are many writing sites where you can work and make money. You can write articles for magazines and blogs, academic work for students, stories for publishing, movie scripts, and recipe books among others. All one need is a computer and a good internet connection.

Baby consultant

This method is for those who love children and know enough about them. Sometimes handling newborn babies is hard and if you understand them, you could make money from this. You can charge people when you help new parents with their children.


With a good internet connection, blogging can make you a lot of money. If you enjoy social networking, you can make your hobby more exciting by doing business out of it. You will make a lot of money from something easy to do and something you enjoy doing. Bloggers get paid for the views they get. Advertisements also make a lot of money for bloggers.

Forex trading

This includes buying, selling and exchanging money, and so far it is world’s largest market. The role players in this trade are big international banks. Financial organisations also play a part in this exchange as they act as anchors. As a stay at home mum, one can venture into online forex trading. People assume that forex trading is exclusively for men, but women could do well in it also. Check out forex apps uk All you need to do is gather enough knowledge about this trade, then buy a computer and an internet connection. Afterward, you can look for a good broker, who has been in the industry for some time and be careful with unscrupulous agents. After finding a good and reliable broker, and join CMC markets. With a personal account, you will get to do the trading yourself; the broker does the trading for the managed accounts. Before activating your account, you will need to fill out some papers about money transfers from the bank account to the trading account. Your broker should then show you how to analyse the market and know your margin. Now you can place orders and the watch the profits and losses. This medium is particularly useful for new mums because they can make money from anywhere.

Cake baking

You can also do this from your home. If you love making cakes and you are sure you make sweet cakes, do business out of it. You can always partner with stall owners and sell them your cakes for them to sell to other people. You can also use orders like birthday the party warrants, baby shower order, retirement parties, and house warming parties among others.

Online boutique

Social media has been put into much use especially now that online shopping has been introduced too. You can take advantage of this and start your online store. All you need is an excellent style, a good platform, a unique brand and a good name.

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