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With seven children to think about for birthdays and Christmas, it gets a little difficult to know what to get them, so I am always looking for inspiration, when Wicked Uncle approached me to take a look at their website and choose a couple of items for review I jumped at the chance!

At first glance the website is bright and funky and SO many gifts to choose from, an entire age range from baby to teen, so perfect for our larger than average family with an age range of 2 to 18!

Not only does it have a large selection of products to choose from, but it offers unique gifts, that I haven’t seen on sale, as well as popular brands, so there really is something for everyone, perfect for adult stocking fillers too, if you are like us and buy ‘fun’ items.

As well as Age ranges and, boy/girl, it has different categories – Adventurer, Brainiac, wicked fun, snuggly, outdoorsy, creativity, books & Games, fashion & style, engineer, spooky& spells and Role Play ( I really wasn’t joking about something for everyone)

After MUCH deliberation we chose a Disco LED light and a Jellyfish Tank Mood Light.

disco light show wicked uncle jellyfish wicked uncle

The website was very easy to move around on when placing the order it gave some great choices, including gift wrapping and adding a card or message, so perfect for sending presents to people via post.

DSC_0084 (1) DSC_0085 (1)

Our products arrived very quickly, and the children immediately took the Jellyfish out of the box and began reading the set up instructions, which were very easy, apart from getting the jellyfish to swim correctly, that took a parents help!

We took the Disco LED Light out of the box, plugged it in and nothing happened, I double checked that I hadn’t missed a set up stage, but it was faulty.

A quick email to their customer care department and I was sent a returns label, with nothing to pay for postage, and within a few days a replacement one had been delivered.

We plugged it in and it worked immediately!

The Jellyfish have been switched on so often, I am requiring an endless supply of batteries, but it does look amazing and it is very calming when sitting watching it. The LED is obviously the complete opposite, in fact the louder the music, the more it moves!

Eowyn switches off the lights in the play room most evenings and the boys are made to play discos!

I would definitely recommend Wicked Uncle as a first stop for something a little bit different for birthdays, and the fact that they giftwrap and include a card if required is just perfect.

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  1. My problem is that there’s almost too much choice on there and just added to the lists of things my two would love!
    I love that disco light, I’m sure my two would love creating their own disco too 🙂


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