Where to Store Your Possessions in Rockville When You Have a Destructive Pet

It is no fun owning a pet whose only mission in life is to be as destructive as possible. It can take a while to train some dogs out of this habit of chewing everything. In the meantime, many of our possessions will remain at risk of ending up in our dog’s jaws and chewed by its teeth. Apart from the harm that they may cause the dog, if or when swallowed, there is also the issue of your items being ruined. These might be expensive items or those with memories attached to them.

So, if you reside in Rockville, Maryland, you might want to consider where you are storing your stuff so that you keep your prized possessions away from your dog and other pets that roam free inside your home.

That being said, let us find out more about this option.

Public Self-Storage Units

By public, we do not mean that the public has access. It is simply a term used to describe storage units that the public will use to store their surplus or prized items. In the case of the latter, those items that we don’t want our pet getting their paws on or jaws around.

Storage units that you can rent, for whatever period needed, will be secured by their restricted access. They can store as many items as we wish. It is just a matter of choosing the size to suit you and balancing size against how much they cost to rent per month. It is worth looking at some prices online to see how attractive the prospect might be for you.


You can either keep your best furniture in a room that you do not allow your pet to enter or think towards a home remedy that might keep them off the sofa.

A remedy that has been known to work is to select a light-coloured vinegar and spray it around the item of furniture to be protected. This should deter your pet from wanting to jump on it to sleep there instead of his bed. It is important to choose a vinegar such as an apple or cider vinegar that will not stain your furniture. A 50/50 solution of vinegar and water and administered through a spray bottle should have the desired effect. It is then easy to spray around those areas you do not want them to soil or attack.

If you do not like the idea of vinegar on or anywhere near your furniture, then consider storage for it and just retrieving it when guests are expected. You can always retrieve it from the local storage area quickly enough with notice that the guests will be arriving soon. Then just remember to keep your furry friend out of the room while the furniture is back in place.

Things Harmful to Pets

There will be things that you will not want them getting hold of because they are toxic or small enough to swallow. We, of course, know not to let him anywhere near chocolate, grapes, raisins, garlic, or caffeinated drinks while in the kitchen, or daffodils, hyacinth, lilies, or tulips while in the garden. But there are objects, too, that we should keep him away from. This is not necessarily because they are toxic but because they can be easily swallowed. To avoid this worry and a trip to the vets, we need to make sure that they are correctly stored. Sometimes due to the number of items we own and any carelessness we have, it is likely that we will make mistakes. However, we can reduce the number of potentially harmful items lying around for pets to find using self-storage solutions. This will then free up drawer and cupboard space for the items that we are trying to keep away from them when they are not sleeping or on their walks.

So, some ways here to protect your possessions and make your home safe for your pet. There is no doubt that storing your possessions in a self-storage unit close to home is worthy of much consideration.

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