How to Use Product Packaging to Build Brand Awareness Online

Do you know how cats get less excited about the gift you bought them than the box it came in? We humans have become exactly like that.

Think about it. What is the first thing you do when the delivery man finally hands you that long-awaited present for yourself you ordered online?

Take a few snaps of the package before unboxing it.

Maybe you take it one step further and record a video of you unpacking the gift? Why not? There are lots of people who base their YouTube channels on unboxing videos. In the age of the Social Media, every step of the process is equally as important as getting the final product. Everything from seller communication, to shipment tracking and finally packaging.

For most e-commerce business the package is the only personal contact they have with their client. But for some reason, brands aren’t utilizing this as an asset. Packaging is no longer simply a way to protect your item. It is a way to make your brand stand out by raising brand awareness online. You can read more about it here:

Outside the Box

Polymer shipping bags and cardboard boxes are the industry standard as they are practical, durable and lightweight. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for bland bags or boxes.

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the Amazon logo in your mail pile. You instantly know what’s in the bag from a mile away. Why not use the packaging to incorporate your logo and make your company appear professional.

Companies like The Box Co-op can help you get a perfect box as unique as your business. That way anytime someone posts an Instagram story about getting their item in the mail, your brand’s logo will be there.

Add a Personal Touch

Not every online retailer has the resources of Amazon. But what you lack in instantaneous delivery, you can make up in other aspects. You can take better care of your clients.

To win over their hearts, don’t send a printed coupon but add a hand-written note with a discount code for their next purchase. You can also use that note to thank them for their trust.

This is sure to warm your clients’ hearts and encourage them to share your lovely gesture with their friends online.

Add Something Extra

Let’s be honest: who doesn’t like gifts? The only thing better than finally getting your hands on the item you ordered is to find out there’s a surprise in the box too. It does not have to be anything expensive. A branded trinket like a keychain, playing cards, wristbands or something along those lines is guaranteed to surprise your clients.

You can even make different gift tiers based on the amount of the order or let your customers choose their own gift.

Design Multi-Purpose Packaging

One great way to maximize the impact of your product’s package is to make sure your customers don’t want to get rid of it. Ever. This is where multi-purpose packaging comes in. Don’t think of your box as something meant to keep the product safe. Go one step further and add another function like sustainable flexible packaging

Let’s get back to that cat story from the beginning of the article. Let’s say you own an e-commerce store selling pet supplies. Instead of packing all the ordered items in a bland, colorless box, design a box that can be used as a makeshift house for the customer’s cat or dog. That’s guaranteed to go viral!

Add a few more pieces that can be glued together to serve as a roof and add a cut-out part that can function as a door. Your client will love it, their pet will love it and your branded packaging go viral for everyone to see and for the pets to enjoy.

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