#TwoHearts Murder Mystery Evening at Yesterdays World

Wednesday evening Asa and I were invited along to a Murder Mystery evening at Yesterdays World, along Great Yarmouth seafront. I have to admit, I had never been inside the building so I was a little curious and when they mentioned a Victorian Style Buffet, I had to accept!!

Yesterdays World is better known as Great Yarmouth’s Museum of British History, but every Wednesday and Saturday evening throughout August  it will be the place to solve a murder!

Its is called Two Hearts and it is a unique Murder Mystery immersive theatrical experience, set across two floors of the museum, with interactive live actors who will help guests on the evening to discover hidden clues to solve the crime.

The evening begins in the Victorian Tea Room enjoying a Victorian style buffet and drink mingling with live actors who are in on the plot.  Teams of 10 are given an action plan and map suggesting places to visit within the attraction, where actors will interact divulging crucial information. The event crescendos with a final scene acted out to reveal the answer.

Guests can choose to get into the spirit of things and come along in Victorian dress or simply turn up in smart casual attire with the emphasis on fun rather than a formal affair.

The evening starts in the Tea Shop, with a very delicious spread.

We all started in the Victorian Tea Room, with various sweet and savoury buffet items. Whilst we enjoyed the food the actors interracted with all of the guests, they were very intrigued by the ‘Picture Box’ and the time it took to make the image!

Introducing Eugene and Elizabeth to the Picture Box!

It was fascinating watching everyone, not quite sure how to act, whether to answer normally or to take on a character role, the actors ensured everyone felt at ease by doing most of the talking.

Not only was it a great storyline, the way that it unfolded meant that we got to view the entire museum, albeit at quite a fast pace to ensure you didn’t miss anything!

Murder Mystery
James and Constance having a moment!

After the murder was committed, we went back to the Tea Rooms to try and deduce WHO had done it, WHY they did it and HOW they did it !

I have to confess I got it totally wrong, apart from how it was done!

More information about the event can be found here

If you are local to Great Yarmouth or on holiday there and are looking for a great evenings entertainment, THIS is the place to go.

Priced at £29.99 which includes a top notch Victorian Buffet, BUT if you lovely readers telephone 01493 331 148 or email [email protected] and tell them that the lovely Hex Mum has sent you, it will only cost you £12 per person, how cool is that ?

The #TwoHearts Cast

If you visit for an evening of Murder and Mystery, come back and let me know how you got on, and if you were a better detective than I was!

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