Trick Or Treat Anyone ?

I know that the subject of trick or treating is a very odd one, people are definitely split down the middle whether they agree or not.

Well, I am on the agree side of the fence, when I was a child I used to love going round our little village with my friends, always supervised by an adult (usually my dad, as he was the only parent that would be willing to walk around in the freezing cold, whilst we all had a great time.) I remember one house going into total panic as he said TRICK and we actually didn’t know what to do, I think we squirted him with a water pistol, but then he gave us some sweeties anyway.

I suppose because I had such fond memories of this activity in my childhood, that I had no trouble with my children doing it. The road that we live on now is a long country road that would probably take them all night to walk along and only come across about eight houses, but mainly horses!!

The little close that we used to live in, located just near the children’s school is a great place to go Trick or Treating, nearly all of the houses embrace the Halloween theme and decorate them with lots of lights, cobwebs, pumpkins and it really has a lovely feel about the entire evening.

All of the children dress up and the older ones, now teens take care of the little ones and usually end up with just as many sweets as the little ones, I have been known on occasions to get sweets too!

They end up with a vast array of sweets and I am always on the lookout for new Halloween sweets to try, we were lucky enough to be sent some from Asda
which the children immediately begged to try.

Wicked Wands

Brains and Eyeballs



The wands have a really lovely orange flavour and they also make your tongue go black which the kids thought was fantastic.

The eyeballs and brains I was a little sceptical about they have a cream and popping candy middle, and I have to say they were amazing, who knew that such a small amount of popping candy could be so loud in my mouth!!

Both of these fab sweets can be found in your local Asda store or online at


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