Top Tips for Bad Weather Driving.

With the clocks going back in a couple of weeks, the weather will start to turn much colder, which will mean driving conditions will become more testing, so here are top five tips for Winter Driving.

1.Driving in Wet Conditions.

With the amount of rain we get in the UK, we need to ensure we can, if possible, avoid aquaplaning – when the water gets between the tyres and the road, it can cause a car to skid when the brakes are applied, if you are unsure if your tyres are roadworthy then get them checked. In order to buy tyres online easily go to Point S website, if you have tyres with good grips, this should alleviate the problem. Drive using low beam headlights and drive slowly, leaving enough room between yourself and the car in front, if the rain becomes too heavy to see out of the windscreen, pull over away from tress and overhead cables and wait until visibility is better.

2.Driving in Fog.

As if all those horror movies aren’t scary enough, it is extremely disorientating when driving in the fog, your visibility is greatly reduced, high beam on your lights will actually make the problem worse, so just use normal beam, to help you see and to let other drivers know you are there. Ensure your fog lights are on. Open your window slightly to allow you to hear what’s going on around you. If you are on a dual carriageway or motorway, do not attempt to change lanes, slow and cautious is the best way to be in fog.

3.Driving in Snow

If you are planning to go out in your car whilst it is snowing, you need to be prepared, ensure your windscreen wipers are working correctly, have a couple of blankets in the car and a can of de-icer. Ensure your mobile phone is fully charged and let someone know where you are travelling to and what your expected time of arrival is. If you get stuck in a snowstorm, ensure the exhaust pipe is free from snow to carbon monoxide. Reduce your speed to 10mph under the recommended speed limit.

Ensure Your Car is ready for Bad Weather.

  • Check That Your Windscreen Wipers are working correctly, both on the front windscreen and back.
  • Check the tread on your tyres, to ensure good grip with the road.
  • Ensure headlights are clean and free from dirt and debris.
  • Book your car in for a service prior to the start of the bad weather
  • Stock an emergency kit in your boot.

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