Top Tips For Dealing With Teenage Problems

If you have yet to find yourself with a teenager in your household, don’t worry your time will come, just appreciate when your younger children listen to you and do as they are asked, without a humph or an eye roll…

No-one has ever said that parenting a teenager is going to be easy and if i’m honest my three are So much easier that I was as a teen (sorry mum and dad!), there are a few topics that they will all encounter, it just depends on how it affects the individual.

1.Skin Problems.

Everyone gets spots, its just part of life, but with ever changing hormones in teenagers they certainly seem to appear ore during that time, which is the least perfect time when you have evrything else to deal with, some will suffer the occasional outbreak, others may suffer with skin conditions such as acne. A good skincare routine should sort out most problems, but if this is not working then an appointment with your GP may be required for some specialised treatment.

2. Hormonal Changes.

These can be pretty rapid, from being your best friend that listens to every word and does exactly what you ask to becoming the most sullen unco-operative person on the planet! They don’t mean to be like this, its just a massive surge of hormones that turns your near perfect child into something from a teen horror movie, just think back to when he or she was a toddler, it’s not much different, except they now use less vocabulary! This one is solved with time, eventually they come out the other side and turn back into the child you recognise. Check out how to help your teen cope with stress

3. They are Permanently attached to their electronic Devices.

These days the amount of technology that is available for your teens to communicate, is vast and wide. When we were growing up I remember trying to stretch the phone cord as far as possible into my bedroom, to enable some privacy and to hide the fact that I was still on the phone when I had pretended that we had finished our conversation! I am sure it is no different these days except they have much more choice in the way they communicate, but the best part is, most nowadays don’t cost anything! Neva was talking to Xene on facetime for 1 hour 45 minutes the other day, which would have cost quite a bit when I was younger, but not today. It won’t last forever and would you rather your children were being sociable with their friends (even if its not face to face) or locked in their room brooding.

The trick with teenagers is picking your battles, if they are 5 minutes past curfew, is it really going to hurt and will they respect you more if you are slightly lenient. My grandfather was extremely strict on my mum, but it didn’t really work, if he stopped her going out in a particular outfit, she would just, put it in a bag and then get changed when she got to her friends house!! Think back to what you were like as a teenager and try to put yourself in your child’s shoes.

Good Luck xxx

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