Time to revamp the house.

We have been living in this house for 10 years now, when we first moved here we were renting, which meant we were unable to change any of the décor, fast forward 8 months, when it officially became ours and the first thing I did after completion was to rip of the very dark green wallpaper from the landing and the hallway, it made the house look very dark, so I needed to lighten it up. So I painted it a light beige, my eldest children have pointed out only last week that every room in our house is either Magnolia or light beige!

So, now its time for some colour! At present we are in the process of having a brand new bathroom put in, which I wouldn’t recommend doing at the beginning of the summer holidays, especially when they send the wrong bath, and the old one has already been ripped out! (But that’s another story). So if you are looking for a revamp, I suggest maybe looking at paint and some new accessories to start with, or a new set of bedding, i’m particularly loving https://www.juliancharles.co.uk/bedding, some of those are certainly not beige!

Xene is off to university soon, so we have been out today buying the stuff she will need, she has chosen a lovely, colourful duvet set and her ensuite is going to have a theme of pink and white, IF the actual suite is not a clashing colour! She has a greater skill for design and colour matching, hence why she is studying for production design!

If, like me, you lack inspiration for updating your home (according to my children, beige is NOT the only colour) there is a great ebook to help you with some ideas, although I did notice that one of the tips was to keep the bedding neutral and add accents of colour, so maybe i’m not as bad as I think I am!

The new bathroom has lovely beige tiles, a white suite with mahogany vanity units, so now I have to decide what colour to pain the walls, as currently they are a sickly baby pink colour, I am leaning towards a duck egg blue colour, but I also think that colour would look great in our dining/conservatory room, and I wouldn’t want it to be the new standing joke that the only colour I choose is Duck egg blue!!!

Do you have any colour suggestions for a beige and mahogany bathroom ?

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