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This weekend we watched The Santa Clause, and it made me think about the excitement I used to feel when going to the toy shop when I was smaller, so I began researching alternatives to Amazon, and discovered Tigerparrot.com.

They have such a vast array of toys for lots of different age groups, from tiny babies, right the way through to teenagers, and they even have a selection of SEN toys, so it really does cater for all, so after browsing through the website, here are just a few of my top toy selections.

Aspis8 Pay As You Go Version GPS Tracker For Kids Smart Watch

Now that Kaide is a teen and Eowyn a tween, they are both very keen to have a little more independence, so this Smart Watch that also doubles as a tracker is perfect, it looks very trendy, but it also gives me peace of mind knowing where they are,.

White Wooden Kitchen With Accessories

Viggo aged 5 has been talking non stop about the home corner at school, and they are never too young to start learning the basics of cooking, (without the setting fire to my kitchen!) I have always loved the wooden kitchens and this one is great, for a very reasonable price.

FTX Comet Buggy Ready-To-Run 2WD Electric Radio Control Car

All four of the boys love cars, especially remote control ones,  we are fortunate that we have a large garden, so the boys love nothing more than racing cars around the grass, but they have to be sturdy enough to deal with rough ground, this one looks like it is definitely up to the job.

Large Natural Noah’s Ark set


My children are all huge animal fans, I just adore this Noah’s Ark. It features a hand-carved set, presented in a polka dot wooden gift box. The ark has a removable lid so the animals can be stored inside, a ladder, Noah, Noah’s Wife and 24 animals. This would make a brilliant keepsake gift, something that can be handed down to future generations.

Wooden Garage with Cars, Lift, Petrol Pumps and Car Wash

As I have already mentioned, the boys all love cars and I can see this garage being very popular with Tyrus and Viggo, they love playing together and driving their toy cars around the living room (or under my feet) I have always loved wooden toys and think they are far more durable than some of their plastic counterparts, this traditional garage will be a hit for any little boy or girl under the Christmas Tree this year.

Carddies Christmas Card People

Remember when you were small and you used to have a matchbox filled with all sorts of little bits and pieces, I can remember having a little bean filled doll that used to sleep in my matchbox, I used to love crying her round in my pocket, well, this is the next generation of matchbox people, perfect for santa to put in your little ones stocking (not suitable for under 36 months) their very own card people to colour and take care of, all hand drawn and manufactured right here in the UK.

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