Thrupenny Bits THE Ultimate Cushion for Breastfeeding Mummies

Thrupenny Bits is a stylish, highly portable breastfeeding cushion or pillow devised by mother of two Melissa Wyatt-Fosbury
“When I had my first child breastfeeding was not something that came easily, mainly I struggled with positioning and latch. When eventually someone suggested I try a breastfeeding pillow, feeding my son became much easier. However the breastfeeding pillow I was using at the time was too big to be portable, baby kept disappearing down the gap when the cushion slipped off my lap and it was severely lacking on the style front. This was when I was inspired to create something better that suited my own needs. 
By the time I had my second child I had devised a breastfeeding pillow addressing the issues I felt were lacking in other pillows.
a/ Portability – it carries like a bag
b/ The fact that it ties on so doesn’t slip off you lap like some others.
C/ Attractiveness – Gorgeous soft-to-touch fabrics aimed at the Mum rather than at the baby.
An added bonus I stumbled upon during the early production stages was that those in the Ultimate and classic ranges could easily be converted to a bag for continued use, I still use mine today as a bag when I’m out with the kids.
 Inside the outer bag theres a removable crescent shaped inner cushion filled with the virtually weightless foam-beads. With a strap that ties at the top, it can be carried over your shoulder like a bag, or hung over the handles of a pram. In short it looks more like a fashionable bag or cushion giving you the freedom to breastfeed anywhere… Arguably the best breastfeeding cushion around it is made from beautiful soft-to-the-touch fabrics that would not look out of place amongst your scatter cushions on your sofa or bed.
When you’ve just had a baby you don’t always feel the most glamorous and don’t necessarily feel like buying clothes. With these you can actually feel like you”ve got something gorgeous for you which just so happens to be enormously practical! When you and your baby have decided to stop breastfeeding for good,  you can simply take out the inner sack and voila – you have a lovely bag to carry all your baby paraphernalia around in. Of course until the next one comes along in which case re-insert the inner beanbag and away you go!”

I was kindly sent one of these cushions to help me feed Tyrus comfortably, and he loves it, so do I.
It is easy to put on and tie around your waist, enabling me to have hands free to be able to do other things, such as read with Eowyn or Kaide, or type on the computer with Tyrus supported and not moving about, I am not worried that he will slide in between myself and the cushion, and the beads move around enough that you can mould the cushion to the exact shape you need.
This cushion gives me at least one hand free, which is essential when dealing with more than one child.
The fact that it ties round the waist also means that it stays in place when I stand up, meaning I have some support when carrying Tyrus around the house and feeding at the same time. (which happens quite often!) My arm doesn’t tire because it is supported and he is able to latch on easily.
The cushion that I was sent is a lovely pink and mint green striped, very trendy and the fabric is gorgeous. The foam bead bag removes easily for washing or to turn it into a fashoinable looking bag, both Xene and Neva have already eyed it up for themselves!
I would definitely recommend this cushion for any breastfeeding mums and  am sure that once breastfeeding has stopped the bag will be used by all the females in this house!

To take a look at these fab cushions visit Thrupenny Bits 

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