The Tooth Fairy has been busy!

With so many children in the house wobbly teeth are quite common. None of the children had any teeth before they had turned one, so its no surprise that they didn’t lose them very quickly either!

At the moment Eowyn who is nearly seven has two slightly wobbly ones and one very wobbly. Kaide aged 10 is waiting for his next dental appointment to see if he needs a couple of baby teeth extractions due to the adult teeth growing over the top – a very common occurrence with all of the children and their stubborn teeth!

Neva aged 12 has a few wobbly ones that are being restricted by the new teeth.

Eowyn is our little gymnast and is always cartwheeling or doing the splits, she is also the only child so far to have fractured a bone, so its no surprise that losing teeth is never straight forward, her first once she pulled out quite easily, her second tooth came out courtesy of a bean bag being thrown during PE, followed by a very dramatic tooth flying display…

Thursday┬ánight Eowyn was wiggling her wobbly tooth but it showed no sign of budging, that was, until Kaide was practising his karate moves and his foot made contact with Eowyn’s head (accidentally of course) which resulted in Eowyns top front tooth being knocked out, thankfully it was the one that was wobbly.


Last night Neva was sat quietly watching TV when she suddenly looked up at me and resembled a vampire with blood trickling down her face, but no sign of her tooth, it had somehow managed to catapult out of her mouth, land on the chair and fall down the side, fortunately I carefully removed the cushion and there underneath was one of Neva’s larger baby teeth!

Needless to say the tooth fairy is basing herself in Norfolk for the time being, waiting for the next one.

Have you had any tooth losses lately and what age did your children lose their teeth ?

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