Teenage Spots and Wrinkles! Its all in the Sk:n

These seven are enough to give me wrinkles!

In our household we have an age range from four months up to 42 years old, so at any one time there is likely to be ‘issues’ or `problems ‘.

Currently we have two teens and a tween, which means hormones and puberty !

And the good news is, this will be with us for another 18 years, oh joy…

By which time my face will also consist of many, many wrinkles….

I am not known for my love of make up and skin care, I may remember to put on moisturiser in the morning (if we are not running too late and Tyrus hasn’t smeared it all over my mirror!!) but that’s about it, now i’m not sure if my attitude towards it has rubbed off on the children, as neither Xene nor Neva have shown much interest in this whole beauty lark, much to the disappointment of my sister (who is a beauty therapist).

But they do take care of their skin. A few of our family members suffered quite badly with acne as a teen, with so many children this may occur, and my wrinkles will definitely increase!

My nan has amazing skin, and no-one can believe she is her age, in fact she often gets mistaken for my auntie, much to the disgust of my mum and her sister, so I am hoping that we all follow in her footsteps…

If, however we don’t, there are treatments that can help, one of which is a chemical skin peel¬†which takes away all of the dead skin cells and and encourages new ones to grow, making for a glowing, healthy mum!

It can also be used to treat acne and if you add up the cost of all the teen lotions and potions that are supposed to help, it may be worth considering if the chemical peel cost would work out cheaper.

There are many types of treatments available for each skin condition. Who knows, by the time Viggo is at school I may have a ‘beauty routine’!

But I doubt it, any tips that don’t involve an entire hour of my day ?

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