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As you will probably be aware Lochlan, Neva and Kaide are slightly Skylander obsessive, all three of them entered the Tots 100 competition to become a member of Team Skylander Giants for 2013, and Kaide was chosen as one of the twelve. When told,  he spent the entire day jumping around like a kangaroo, with THE biggest smile on his face. Neva and Lochlan were very gracious in their defeat and congratulated Kaide and offered to help him test out the Skylanders Giants too!

For anyone who has yet to experience this gaming phenomenon, it has a portal that connects to your gaming platform and various figures that can be placed on the portal that gets transported into the game and you play as that character. It is an amazing concept and all of the children have embraced it quite spectacularly!

The game arrived for the X Box 360 with the new portal, game and Cynder Series 2, Jet Vac and a large Giant called Tree Rex

I asked Kaide what he thought of the game, and his word was AWESOME!

Being only aged seven I was slightly concerned that it would be too difficult for him, we have had games in the past which he has become extremely frustrated with becuase he was unable to keep up with his brother, however the Skylander Giants game has different settings of difficulty, so Kaide plays on the easy level and Lochlan and Neva set it to medium, which they all think is a great improvement from the first game.

They all love the new Giants Characters, Kaide’s favourite is Bouncer, which he asked Father Christmas for, Neva’s is Swarm and Lochlan’s Hot Head.

Now that they have all given the game a thorough testing they have been looking at the other Skylander characters available and would like to purchase Zook series 2, Popfizz and Flashwing.
They love the look of the legendary packs and Lochlan already has the triple Canon pack on his birthday list or when he has saved enough pocket money (whichever happens first!!)

The adventure case and figure storage holder have also been mentioned.

The fabulous thing about this game is the fact that you can constantly add to it and increase the game play, the figures are reasonably priced and are achievable to purchase with pocket money.
If you have a young gamer that is looking for an achievable challenge, then Skylander Giants is definitely a great choice.

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