Spring Time: 6 Interesting Ideas to Freshen Up Your Walls

Spring is the perfect time to remove the clutter and upgrade your home. However, some people are constrained with work, family duties and house chores that they don’t have time to elaborately redecorate their space. Also, changing your space requires a lot of time and money, which is why many people decide to invest theirs into something they deem more important. However, if you’re thinking about doing some redecoration, then you should definitely consider freshening up your walls. Why? Well, they’re easy to redecorate and you can do it all by yourself. Therefore, here are some fun and easy ideas to spruce up your walls.

Simply repaint

This is the most common way people use to freshen up their walls. However, finding the right painter and decorator can be challenging at times, and the whole process of moving your furniture to make more space can be quite exhausting. Still, you can always find a solution, such as painting only one wall or two: that way your space will look refreshed, and you’ll save yourself a lot of time. But, when it comes to choosing the colour, make sure to choose something that fits with your overall aesthetic preferences.

If you want a quick solution, add wallpapers

This option is less time-consuming than the first one, but it’s essential to point out that, applying wallpapers still requires some time, so don’t expect it to be super quick. Depending on your tastes, you can opt for retro-but-still-current floral wallpaper or choose something more understated, such as simple stripes. Also, if you don’t have any experience installing wallpaper, it’s important to follow certain rules, in order to avoid mistakes. In case you find it too complicated, then it’s best to hire a professional who’ll be able to do it for you.

Consider getting wall panels

Sometimes, choosing to repaint or install wallpapers can be a lot of work, and if you’re too busy, then it’s understandable if you’d rather prefer another, easier and more sustainable, solution. Well, in that case, you can always opt to decorate walls with 3D tiles as they’re easy to install, fireproof and eco-friendly. Aside from that, they’re simple to maintain and come with a wide array of colours, so you can combine and play with all your favourite tones until you find your perfect match.

When in doubt, create a gallery wall

Having a gallery wall is a very sophisticated way to spruce up your home. The best thing about this type of wall decor is that you can combine different artwork and frames to create a unique and elegant combination of things you like. Still, before you decide to hang pictures, it’s necessary to plan anything out, so your gallery wall will look cohesive and well-put. So, laying frames on the floor is a great way to see how they’ll all work together once you decide to hang them. Make sure to level the first piece, so it won’t be crooked nor slanted, and also, leave the same amount of space between each picture, so there won’t be any uneven blanks.

Wall stickers and/or murals

These solutions are perfect for kids’ rooms, mainly as they’re easy to remove and repaint. Kids usually love cute stickers and epic-looking wall art, so if you’re considering getting something like that, it’s important to find a painter who’s reliable and professional. Also, be sure to ask your kids for their input, and always respect their wishes and suggestions, especially if it’s their room you’re discussing. Keep in mind that you might find some colours more beautiful or befitting, but your kids deserve to have the room they want. When it comes to stickers, you have all the freedom to choose, but likewise, give your kids an option to choose their favourite motifs and colours.

A bookshelf is always a good idea

A bookshelf is an exquisite piece of furniture that can truly transform almost any space. Whether you prefer antique shelves or modern-Scandinavian ones, it doesn’t matter, as long as you place in the right corner and fill it with books that you plan on reading one day. Besides, putting a bookshelf in your kids’ room will show them the beauty and importance of reading, which is quite an important skill in this digital age.

Freshening up the walls isn’t a difficult task, as long as you plan things right. All of these suggestions have their pros and cons, so make sure to analyse them all before you decide to choose one as your main decor idea.


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