Small Ways to Spruce up your Rooms

An issue many homeowners seem to be having nowadays is slight disharmony within their living spaces. People are finding their rooms flat and not quite in concordance. Some think the cure is to tear everything out and start from scratch, however, this can be extremely costly and there are some simple steps one can take that are both cheap and easy. So here are a few different solutions to spruce up a space that you think isn’t quite perfect.

  1. Lighting

One quick and easy way of bringing new life to a room is by switching out the lights and bringing in a more modern lighting solution. One company I have been extremely impressed with is LampCommerce, an Italian company dealing in some of the more luxurious options out there. If there’s a sense of lifelessness in the area a bright ceiling light or hanging light may be the key. If there is too much light in the area, opt for wall lights or a light with a dimmer to alter the light levels allowing for different moods. Statement lighting is another aspect to look into. Some of the lights on the market, especially the ones by Artemide, are a statement in themselves, retracting from the actual look of the room allowing for those old and ageing furniture pieces to be overlooked.

2. Foliage

Nowadays the use of potted plants and the like has become commonplace inside our homes. The treatment for a lifeless space may literally be to bring some life into it. If the colour palette allows for vibrant dashes of greenery or even bold and bright floral hues then why not try it. The use of plants has been well documented in the interior design community for having a beneficial effect on the overall aesthetic and also on our health – plants are believed to have stress relieving powers that could really benefit you. A few plants placed strategically will bring new dashes of colour and will hopefully tie all the current pieces of furniture together into one cohesive vision.

3. New Paint

A fresh lick of paint might be all you are lacking to bring your room back to being a dream space. Paint everything: ceiling, walls, fireplace. Obviously, you have to work with the furniture you already have, avoiding clashes and further disharmony. I’ve seen a real love for bold, deep darks from the interior design community which have a great luxurious feel to them but be careful as they can give your room a gloomy cave like effect that is wholly undesirable. Dulux have set a very versatile denim blue as their colour of the year which I have seen used in many spaces to help bring back the life that was missing. The goal of “interior design” is typically to create the appearance that your living space has been curated. An easy way to generate this and bring a brilliant new edge to your space is through incorporating geometric patterns into your walls.

4. Layers

Something I have begun testing out is the use of layering in all aspects of the room. Laying multiple rugs so they overlap can actually have the effect of bringing the nearby furniture together into a coherent vision, and the contrasting materials and colours can provide a bit of visual excitement, bringing life. The floor isn’t the only place to do this though, bookshelves and coffee tables with books piled up and walls littered with art can reinvigorate the entire appeal of the space. However, be very careful that the layers don’t just look cluttered and mismatched. Sometimes clutter can look whimsical but often it looks disorganised and messy so be warned. (I MAY have struggled with this last concept!) Obviously with small children around, I would maybe avoid layering, as it is a very good game to scatter everything on the floor and make mum pick them all up!

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