Easy Nighttime Skin Care Routine for Busy Mums

Oh sure, those ten-step Korean skin care routines sound amazing. It all looks so glamorous, so luxurious, and most beauty bloggers keep prattling on about the importance of using twenty different products every damn day. It all seems really fun and great, but there’s only one tiny issue here — where on Earth do you find the time for any of that? With the kids so young, loud, and entirely too exuberant, even when you do find half an hour to yourself, you rarely have the energy to bother with an elaborate routine. Can’t it all be a tad simpler? Or do you really have to waste your whole evening just to have nice skin?
Of course it can be simpler! Even if you’re not a super busy mom, no skin care routine needs to have more than a few steps to be effective. For those of us who simply want something quick and effective, here are some tips to help you out.

Remove makeup as soon as you come home

Have some makeup removal wipes handy, and use them as soon as you come back home and wash your hands. That way, you won’t risk accidentally falling asleep with a face full of foundation, and it will make it easier to wash up more thoroughly later on. If you don’t like the way makeup wipes tug at your skin, then use plain organic coconut oil — simply rub a nice amount all over your face, and then use the makeup wipe. The oil will melt even the toughest of waterproof mascaras, and it’ll make it easier for everything to come off without dragging over your skin roughly.

Be gentle when washing your face

You don’t need a particularly harsh, astringent cleanser unless you suffer from adult acne. If you generally have good skin that rarely suffers from breakouts, you don’t even need to wash it twice a day. Use a gentle cleanser in the evening to remove any traces of makeup, sweat, and dirt from your face, but when you get up in the morning it’s okay to merely splash with warm water, especially if you have dry skin and didn’t get an oily sheen during the night.

Coordinate your products

Even the most luxurious moisturizers won’t help you if they don’t suit your skin type, and it’s generally much, much easier for busy people to stick to one brand and coordinate everything so the products all work with each other. There are plenty of different skin care routines out there, and the one that will match you the best is the kind that takes your problem areas into consideration. If you’re trying to prevent fine lines, look for products that have quality anti-wrinkle ingredients like hyaluronic acid, and if you’re trying to get rid of hyperpigmentation spots, find those that a have brightening effect. Make sure that every step is suited to what you need, and that way you’ll get the best results.

You really don’t need to exfoliate every night

It’s not only unnecessary, but it can be actively harmful. Don’t feel bad for not exfoliating all the time — as long as you remember to do it once a week you’ll be completely fine. Exfoliation is mostly there to pull the dirt out of your pores and speed up cell turnover, and you can even make your own DIY scrub to save some cash.

Feel free to modify things

If you only have five minutes available, then simple cleanse, spritz some thermal water or use a gentle non-alcohol based toner, and moisturize. If you’ve got ten minutes available, add some eye cream into the mix to use before the moisturiser, and if you have a little more than that, then use a serum, too. The point is, get that basic, bare minimum routine down, and then treat your skin to a little bit more when you have the time.

What to do in case of breakouts

Most people suffer from occasional breakouts, but instead of popping the pimple and ending up with a nasty scar afterward, it’s best to use acne patches. They’re small, round patches that are usually see-through and you can find them at the drugstore. You stick them over your zit after cleansing your face, and since the bottom surface is so adhesive you can be sure they won’t move around during the night. Sleep with the patch on, and when you wake up in the morning the pimple should be significantly reduced.

Face masks for mums

Face masks feel so divine, but we rarely get enough time to really sit back and relax while they do their magic on our skin. So, what’s a busy mom to do? Try overnight masks. You can use them once or twice a week instead of your night cream (or even layered over it in case you have a dry complexion), and all you really need to do is apply it. Rub a thick layer over your face gently, and that’s it. Go to sleep and wake up with magically soft skin!

Once the kids are all in bed, it’s time for a mom to enjoy some me-time. Follow these easy tips, indulge in a little self-care, and your skin will be perfectly radiant and smooth.

Author Bio: Zara Lewis is a regular contributor at ripped.me, a traveller and a mother to two. Originally from Chicago, she found her place in the sun in Perth, Australia. Passionate about creating a better world for the generations to come, she enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with others.


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