Shoulder Buddies Review

February 13, 2013Mandi Morrison

Eowyn is at the age of fantastic imaginative play and can be found most days pulling a toy dog or cat around the house or dressing up her brothers Angry Birds in hats etc.
So when we were given the opportunity to review a Shoulder Buddy it sounded like the perfect little companion for her.

Here is what they have to say about them :

” Launched in 2012 direct from the Land of Understand, Shoulder Buddies are the friends lending a little confidence in any situation!  Now with the first series sold out, new series of Shoulder Buddies are upon us– offering even more friends for both boys and girls to collect, share and wear! 
Shoulder Buddies attach to a child’s clothing or backpack with the included magical coin!   Each Shoulder Buddy has a unique design on its belly, a matching “Smarts” collector card, along with a mad mane of hair that matches its colourful personality!  Wave two launches in January and introduces Oceana, Pirate, Flutter and Swish along with four other friends.  Additionally, there will be a special series available called the Gemstone Shoulder Buddies, who are inspired by true gemstones that brighten our world!”
Eowyn was sent Flora to review, she is pink with bright green hair and just the perfect size for Eowyn to clip onto her shoulder and whisper to her, which is so cute to watch!!

She has figured out how to clip her onto herself using the little star disc, her brother has learnt that she can be stuck to lots of different kitchen appliances!!

Shoulder Buddies will also be launching a Hello Kitty range, (I did not put Eowyn in that top on purpose, honest!)

I think the Shoulder Buddies area n excellent idea and perfect for a birthday present for any little girl, Eowyn clips her onto most clothing that she wears and I can hear her telling her lots of stories and explaining what is happening throughout the day, it is a joy to watch.

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