Self Storage – How Do You Get A Suitable One?

Dating back to the 1960’s- the idea of using storage space where the tenant had exclusive access to his belongings now becomes the way of life for many across the world. People need storage space for various reasons. Some want to renovate their house and need to free some space temporarily. Others need to sort out their stuff and put away some goods that they do not use anymore but would not want to throw it away and preserve it for their family members or in some cases for their children when they grow up.

Maybe you want to relocate to another house, a state or a country altogether and need to store your goods till you can take them to your new place. Or it could be that there has been a death, or divorce and belongings need to be stored till decisions are pending. In all these and many other scenarios, self storage is what comes in handy.

In order to benefit from these storage spaces, you first need to know how you can make a good choice to get one. Here are some tips that can help you to do just that.

How To Decide:

1. Determine how many things you need to store 

When you decide to get a storage space this is the first thing to keep in mind. Sort out exactly how many things you will keep in your house or any other place and which things you want to keep in storage. This will help you decide what’s next.

2. Choose the right size of storage space 

Once you determine how many things you need to store; you can then ensure what size of the room you need to store these goods. Typically, the sizes of storage rooms are 5*5, 5*10, 10*10, 10*15, and 10*20. There may be other sizes available depending on the service provider. As you understand the dimensions of the room after you visit them or through online pictures, you may choose an appropriate one to suit your needs, ensuring that there is no waste room left for which you will have to pay needlessly.

3. Check for storage facilities near

By punching in your pin code, you can easily get the list of storage facilities for self storage near you online. Since you have taken the two above mentioned steps, you will know exactly how much space will cost you per month or longer. While there may be cheaper options far away from where you stay, consider the cost of moving your goods, the additional distance, and compare it with the money you would need to pay to a nearby self storage facility before making a decision.

4. Visit the facility

Check for the surroundings, safety offered by the facility, room structure, size, and other noteworthy factors. You may also do this with multiple facilities to choose the best one that meets your requirements.

5. Utilities

Make sure you have the needed transportation, boxes, locks, and other consumables at your disposal while storing your goods. These supplies though small may cost some money if they are purchased at the facility at the last minute.

Once you have factored in these points and have chosen a good self storage space, get the paperwork in, namely, the rental or lease agreement depending on your need. Also, it would be a good idea to insure your goods that are stored either using the facility providers insurance or a third party. Another important thing to remember is to pay the rent on time each month to avoid penalties or other action as set forth by the self storage facility.



By good planning and a little bit of effort you can get yourself an excellent deal to safely store your belongings and access them anytime you need using self storage facilities.

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