Safe Breaker – Can you Crack the code!


All of the children younger children love playing spies, they sneak around the house with magnifying glasses and write each other ‘secret messages’ in code, so when I was asked if we would like to review Safe Breaker, I knew what the answer would be.

The first thing I love about this game is the simplicity of it, all that you need are 3 AA batteries and you are away! No complicated board set up or sorting things into different categories, just lay out the numbered cards, post the coins into the back of the safe and get playing!

The recommended age for this game is 6+ which I agree is about right, Viggo was far too noisy aged 4, and was unable to listen to the clues, and made it impossible for the others too! Once we had moved to another part of the house, Eowyn, Kaide and Neva were able to successfully play the game. It is for 2-4 players and lasts approximately 20  minutes, so perfect for a quick game at the weekend, or after school.

The idea of the game is to pick a card and turn the safe combination to the corresponding number and try to crack the code, if your guess is correct you will receive a random amount of coins (some may have a diamond on them) the winner is the first to collect 5 coins or 2 diamonds.

If you do not enter the correct number the vault will give you hints through the spy stethoscope that you attach to the top of the safe.

Our thoughts:

All three of the children enjoyed playing the game and depending on the participants ages, there are varying difficulty levels. They liked that it wasn’t a long game and a winner was reached quite quickly. It boosted Eowyn’s confidence as she won the first game. She now tells me that she is a super spy!

The entire game fits neatly back in the box and it is easy to get out and set up. You can purchase Safe breaker from Amazon priced at £19.99, which I think is a fair price for a family game, and I am sure it will be finding its way on to lots of children’s Christmas Lists.

We were sent this game for the purpose of reviewing, all thoughts and opinions are ou


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