Do You Have Your Road Safety Badge ?

I have to admit when I was at Primary School I was a bit of a road safety geek, our school was entering an inter-schools Road Safety tournament and one child from years 3, 4,5 and 6 would be competing, to begin with the entire class had a road safety quiz, the one with the most correct answers was on the team, for our year 3s there were two joint leaders myself and a girl named Erica, who would later in school be the Bain of my existence (maybe that’s where it stemmed from!) I can remember it as clear as day, we were taken to a classroom and the head teacher asked us random Road Safety questions, each of us getting them correct, next it was on to road signs, Erica’s downfall was this one..

derestrictedI gave the correct answer of Derestricted, I bet it’s not called that anymore! And I was in the team. It was our schools first year of entering and we walked away with the trophy! I stayed on the team throughout the rest of my time at Primary school, I found the newspaper cutting in my mementoes box a few weeks back, but you won’t be seeing that!

My love of road safety obviously did not last as long as I would have hoped as I got knocked down by a car when I was 13, so I had obviously forgotten some important rules, thankfully by the time it came to driving I had studied them all, although I am quite glad we didn’t have to do a theory test…

My eldest son does not share my love of Road Safety and has had a few near misses, thankfully the wonderful people at Accident Advice Helpline have put together this funky little road safety quiz, you can access it here.

I am pleased to report that I did achieve a 100% correct score, so did the children, and we received a certificate

road safety certificate

It contained lots of scenarios for this little chap and you had a choice of three answers, when you clicked on one it gave you a little bit more information, if you are trying to teach your children road safety, this is a good little quiz to do together and it can lead to further discussions, go check it out.

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