Where Did I Put That Bill!



I don’t mean that I forget about paying things altogether, it just always seems to be that when the postman delivers the post, I am on the phone, changing a nappy or dealing with a naked toddler, hence the pile of post gets thrown on the hat stand, then a load of junk gets piled on top, two weeks later I find a pile of unopened mail….

I do actually have a file for all of the household bills and the associated paperwork, with nine in the household, paperwork comes from all directions, so a good filing system is essential.

I guess with utility bills it doesn’t really matter, our two water companies and council tax are set up on a direct debit, that is exactly the same amount each month, so its exactly the same letter, especially as most are now encouraging you to go paper free.

I agree about the underestimating on household bills, a few years back they calculated my electricity completely wrong, and at the end of the year I had a massive bill to pay….(I now have an electric meter and the amount of electric we use is MUCH higher than they ever calculated).

Not sure about overestimating on TV, Mobile and Internet, unless the younger children happen to pick up my phone from the side and try to dial every number in it, that could be quite costly, though not as embarrassing as one of them dialling 999, I kid you not!….Most packages nowadays include so many free minutes, texts, internet usage that it is virtually impossible to go over your limit, I hope, although with three children that now have a mobile phone I may find this not to be true!!

There are many new deals that reward you for certain household bills, reward points and vouchers and even bank accounts that offer monthly cashback on certain household bills, which is a fantastic way to get a little extra cash, just for paying your bills.

How about you, do you open every bill immediately or do you forget about them like me ?

Do you have a system for filing your bills and paperwork ?

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