Project 365 2017 Weeks 8 and 9

Another two weeks, as life was too hectic last weekend to post, I really must get into the habit of adding a photo a day, that way it will be much easier on a Saturday! Anyway, here we go…

Day 50 A Long Night!

This was taken about 4am on Sunday morning after I finally got to bed at 1am, Tyrus decided for some reason he did not want to sleep, made even worse that about 6am Viggo decided he would like to join us for an early morning party!

Day 51 Messy Side!

I was chatting with a group of bloggers about untidy houses and how the photos we put online are not always the complete true reflection, so here is my messy side in the kitchen after a week of children being at home!

Day 52 Neva testing the TravelShades

Neva suffers from motion sickness in the car, so when there was a call out from a PR about testing some sunglasses that can help, when the information came through it was slightly surreal, as the man that had designed them was in fact my neighbour who lives opposite and used to own our house, so we had a very personal delivery! Here they are before she puts them on over her glasses. Look out for the review shortly.

Day 53 Parents Evening

Today was Parents evening for Tyrus, Eowyn and Kaide, all three of them are doing well, both Kaide and Eowyn are above their ability in all subjects and Tyrus is working well towards his own set goals, he is communicating more with the teachers and this week he has been much happier whilst at school and we should hopefully find out about his ehcp soon.

Day 54 Clear sky

Late this afternoon I was putting the chickens away, looked up at the sky and thought it looked very clear and pretty, so I grabbed the camera as it had been a pretty uneventful day and I knew I didn’t have a great photo!

Day 55 Last minute homework!

Every Friday Kaide has to hand in Maths, Grammar and Punctuation homework as he is preparing for SATS, they have a new system that if it is not done, they get put in the consequence book, cue a mas homework dash on Friday morning whilst eating a Salami sandwich (don’t get me started on his breakfast choices), I took a pic to remind him every Thursday night!

Day 56 Rubbish Weather Day

We had all good intentions of going out somewhere today, but with the aftermath of Storm Doris and the fact that Tyrus seems to now have the tummy bug Viggo did during half term, we ended up having another day around the house, I walked in to find Eowyn watching youtube and shoving her hand in her hot chocolate to get the marshmallows!

Day 57 Finally, A Bigger Bed!

We finally made the decision to invest in a larger bed, we had a normal double, but when the children wake in the night, I was ending up going to sleep in the lower bunk, so we now have a Super Kingsize bed and it’s great!

Day 58 Tyrus is Poorly

No school for Tyrus, as he still has a bad tummy, I know he isn’t well because he is sleeping lots!

Day 59 Approved Food Delivery

The children go through huge amounts of drinks and snacks, so we have started doing an approved food shop once a month, the shorter date isn’t an issue with my seven as it never stays around long enough! And there were loads of bargains on drinks this time, although you do get a little carried away when ordering!

Day 60 Maths Tournament

Kaide was representing his school today at a Maths tournament, which involved students from years 6 all the way to Sixth Form College, they didn’t win, but they did all get a funky scarf, and his teaching assistant said he did really well and was solving some of the older children’s questions.

Day 61 Theatre Trip

This evening Lochlan and I went to the opening night of Extremism at Stage Two, it was performed by the theatre students and was certainly different, and gave you food for thought!

Day 62 Veg Delivery

We decided this week that the Veg delivery was definitely a good idea, and at least ensures there is always some kind of fruit or vegetables in the house, so we have now signed up for two boxes on a weekly delivery, I am quite excited about this weeks, and love all the new varieties!

Day 63 Sibling Love

As Tyrus has been off school ill all week, these three have really bonded, and both of them will now happily go to Xene and ask her if they need something, they will certainly miss her when she goes away
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7 thoughts on “Project 365 2017 Weeks 8 and 9”

  1. That veg delivery looks yummy. How utterly crazy about the glasses though! totally weird this world. ‘#365

  2. Sounds like a busy couple of weeks. I hope Tyrus is all better now. Your new big bed sounds amazing. We have kingsize, but I’d love a super kingsize! I can just imagine how much you get through in terms of food, drinks and snacks, as it’s bad enough with three kids – one of whom has a small appetite, but one of them never stops eating.!

  3. PS What a coincidence about the travel sickness glasses! I would be interested in reading this as my daughter gets travel sick and she’s got school residential and Scout camp coming up this year, so she can’t rely on a nice car journey on the motorway!


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