Printer runs out of ink – Why Does It Always Happen!

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Whenever Asa has a contract deadline, or the children’s homework is due the very next day, you can guarantee the one of the ink cartridges in the printer will run out!

That’s OK because I bulk order of black, cyan, magenta and yellow, surely there is the colour that has run out in the drawer, but no, it always seems to be the one colour that we DON’T have!

Cue, a mad dash to the local 24 hour supermarket to replace the required colour, and get the work in on time, because ordering online would take too long.

BUT this will no longer be the case, thanks to a super new service from HP called Instant Ink.

It is very simple, first you purchase an eligible printer (there are 13 different ones to choose from), then you enrol on a plan based on the number of pages you print, the ink and delivery charge is all included in the price, plus an envelope to recycle your old cartridges, there’s no annual fee and you can alter your plan as you need to.

The great thing is it’s not based on the amount of cartridges you use, so there is no worrying that your high quality photos will cost more, because of the amount of ink you are using.

The very clever printer lets the people that provide the ink know BEFORE it runs out, so no more late night runs to the supermarket!

With six children now in school and college and more of their projects are being done on the pc, having a printer full of ink is a necessity, not to mention mine and Asa’s jobs rely heavily on contracts and agendas being printed out on a daily basis.

I have checked out the plans, and no surprise we would need the ‘Frequent printing Plan’ which gives you 300 pages of printing per month, and it could save you up to £516 per year on printing costs, which I think is a great saving, and the lack of stress from stroppy teenagers PRICELESS!

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