Preschool Visit for Eowyn aged three !

Eowyn celebrated her third birthday last Monday, so we have reached that time in her life when she is going to start preschool. Today was her first visit……
All of my children have attended the same preschool, and it did seem strange entering the building for my fifth child to start, although I have to say, not a lot has changed over the years.
We got off to a good start, whilst we were waiting to go in, Eowyn suddenly had THAT look and said “Mummy I need a wee” luckily we were able to sneak in and use the toilet, otherwise that could have been disasterous!
We were allowed in at 9.15am and the first thing that Eowyn headed for was the Painting Table !
Which made me smile, as I have fond memories of Neva ( now aged eight) doing exactly this each morning that I used to drop her off for Preschool.
Five very soggy paintings later and she moved onto the Christmas Craft table, which consisted of lots of Stickers, Glue and Glitter…..
I am obviously THE worst mother in the world, because the look of glee on my daughters face, when she discovered the Glitter, made me realise that I obviously have never got the Glitter Box out at home….
Eowyn decorated a lovely Christmas Tree Card and made a stocking, FULL of glitter, in fact Tyrus is still sparkling three hours later, it really does get EVERYWHERE.
Next it was time to decorate the Real Christmas Tree, which was the funniest thing to watch, nine children aged 3 and 4 completely covering the first foot of the Christmas Tree with baubles, tinsel and beads, with the rest of the tree completely empty! The adults discretely moved some of the sparkle higher up the tree, and it looked wonderful.
It was then time for snack, we had chosen the right day to visit as it was a little boy’s birthday, which meant we had cake!!
Eowyn then decided to play dress up, she looked very cute in a Pink Princess Dress and continued to wear this until the end of the session.
We did some puzzles, read a couple of books and surprisingly, helped to tidy up, which was amazing as she never seems to have that ability at home, I hope she brings that one home with her!
Finally, we took part in their rehearsal for the Christmas Concert, singing such wonderful songs as When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney and Jingle Bells.
All of my children have reacted very differently to attending Preschool, some were keen, others, not so, but I have a feeling Eowyn is going to be the easiest to adjust, but I guess we will just have to wait and see when she officially starts two mornings per week in January!

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