Planning a Fun Birthday Party for Your Child

Planning a successful birthday party for your child isn’t exactly rocket science. But, there are often so many different things to consider that having a bit of help comes in super handy. So, here is a little guide that will help you plan a fun party for your little birthday girl or boy.
Start with a budget
Unless you don’t have to worry about money, you need to have a solid planning budget that will let you know exactly what birthday party options you can work with. Make sure to stick to your budget, because things can easily get out of hand. And, don’t worry too much if you have a tiny budget. There are plenty of ways to make your party fun yet inexpensive.

Consult with your kid

Once you’re set on your budget, it’s time to ask your kid about their birthday expectations and wishes in order to have a completely personalized party. Don’t allow them to plan the entire event, but just to give some suggestions, otherwise, you’re risking plenty of disappointments. Another thing you can require from your child is some help with party preparations (they can help with creating invitations, crafting decoration and setting up the table).

Send invites

Invitations sent in the last minute will definitely bring a lot of disappointments, especially if you’re celebrating during the holiday season. Make sure to deliver all the invites at least 2 weeks in advance, so that everyone has enough time to plan around your party and RSVP in time. RSVPs are super important, since they will let you know the exact number of guests. Also, don’t forget to ask about all food allergies and restrictions, so that everyone can enjoy your kid’s b-day to the fullest.

If you’ve got a lot on your plate right now, save time by using beautifully designed, ready-made birthday invitation cards. You can add a personal touch to each invitation by handwriting the details. If your little one knows how to write, let them help with the task. It will be more fun if you let them get involved in organizing their own birthday party. Plus, it’s a good exercise for building patience, independence, initiative, and industry.

Prepare tasty treats

Most kids are picky eaters, so ensure there’s a variety of different bite-sizes treats. Make sure the food is simple and easily grasped by little hands—think tiny sandwiches, sliders, mini pizzas or pigs in blankets. However, if the parents are required to stay, make sure to provide them with something more sophisticated. People from big cities can easily find a good service to deliver tasty food to their party. For instance, there are amazing catering companies in NYC that will provide you with everything from appetizers to dessert and tasty cocktails that will wow all of your adult guests. These alone will be worth sitting through your kid’s birthday party for, no matter how tired everyone is!

Have a themed party

If you want to organize a coherent and fun party for your child, why not opt for a themed party! It’s super easy to find a theme your kid loves whether it’s a cartoon theme, superheroes, pirates or Disney movies. You as a parent know exactly what your kid loves, so make sure to incorporate it into the party. There are also many online stores that sell themed party supplies that will eliminate the hustle and bustle of running around costume shops.

Don’t forget about the cake

This is the most fun part for both the birthday kid and their guests, so make sure you get something special. If you settled on a theme, your cake choice will be easy, just make sure it looks fun and has your child’s favourite flavour. And, don’t forget about candles, so your little one can make a wish!

Organise easy games

Kids know how to entertain themselves without a problem, but in order to help them out a bit, try to organize a few fun but short games. For instance, a scavenger hunt, duck-duck-goose and other classic games always work like a charm. However, in case you can’t take your party outside, board games will always come in handy. Also, you can even hire entertainers that will make your kid’s themed party even more special, if your budget allows.

Prepare goodie bags

Having small goodie bags is a great and inexpensive way to thank the kids and parents for making your kid’s celebration a success. Feel free to include everything from food to small toys and gadgets. However, make sure that everything is safe for kids and age-restricted. You can also send parents home with some leftovers that will come in handy for dinner.
If you do everything aforementioned, your kid will have a fun party they will talk about for months. All the trouble you went through will pay off once you see your kid’s smiling face!

Author Bio: Zara Lewis is a regular contributor at, a traveller and a mother to two. Originally from Chicago, she found her place in the sun in Perth, Australia. Passionate about creating a better world for the generations to come, she enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with others.


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