What Does the Perfect Marriage Proposal Look Like?

The perfect marriage proposal is a matter of personal opinion. Some may say that an elaborate show of affection, such as a helicopter ride to an exclusive location, would be the most breathtaking proposal. While others may prefer a more intimate, personal approach, like a proposal whilst doing their favourite walk.

However, to make sure you have an engagement to remember, here are some things that will add additional wow factor:

Finding the Right Location

Many proposals take place at a venue that means something to the couple as this places greater emphasis on the journey you’ve taken together. For example, this might be the restaurant you went to on your first date or the location where you first told them you loved them.

Before popping the question make sure you’ve planned your proposal by visiting the location again to figure out how it’s all going to work. If you’re proposing in a public location, you might want to make sure the restaurant nearby has a bottle of champagne on ice ready!

Choosing an Engagement Ring

One of the main focal points for your proposal will be the engagement ring itself. You might already have a firm idea of the type of ring you’d like, but if not, it’s worth taking along one of your partner’s close friends or loved ones to help you decide. With their help you’ll be able to pick out the best ring and one that becomes a symbol of your ‘happy ever after’.

Adding the Surprise of Family and Friends

For a lot of couples, family and friends play a huge part in their relationship, which is why it’s nice to include these in the proposal. For example, you might choose to propose at a family gathering or at your partner’s surprise birthday party.

Alternatively, if you want the proposal to be just about you two, you could arrange for your family and friends to arrive just after the happy moment. That way, once your partner has said “Yes”, you can all join together to start celebrating. And if you’re proposing in a restaurant, park or iconic location, for example, you could wave them over once you’ve shared that intimate moment together.

As you can see, the possibilities for a show-stopping proposal are endless. Simply choose a setting, ring and scenario that’s most in keeping with your relationship and the things that matter most to you.

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