We are Part of the Netflix StreamTeam

As you can see from my shiny new badge on the right, we are very excited to announce that we have been chosen to be part of the Netflix Stream Team for 2017/18 and the ENTIRE family is a little bit excited!

As part of the team we have received a years Premium subscription to Netflix and a whole box of goodies.

Eowyn was extremely excited about the selfie stick and Neva has taken possession of the ipad, as she argued the four younger children could them watch Netflix on the big TV if she had something to watch the programmes she enjoys on the ipad! I have the mug and pens…

We are all huge fans of Netflix, after I was introduced and fell in love with it this time last year. Having seven children is hard enough, but trying to actually find time to sit down and relax (usually after they have finally gone to bed) means that watching ‘normal’ TV almost virtually impossible, the catch up channels are my best friend!

The great part about Netflix (apart from the excellent value for money) is they have so many Netflix original films and TV shows to choose from, so, not only can I locate pretty much any film I want to see, but there are some I won’t find anywhere else!

Setting up Netflix is super easy, head over to Netflix and you will be given 30 days free to give Netflix a try.

There are three plans to choose from Basic costs £5.99 and enables you to watch Netflix on one screen, Standard package costs £7.49 and allows you to watch on 2 screens at the same time and in HD, but the best value by far is the Premium package which costs £8.99 you can watch in Ultra HD, and you can watch it on 4 screens at the same time, the beauty of it is that you can upgrade and downgrade your package as you go along. Once you have created your account you can set up to five different profiles, which works great in our house, Asa and I have one, we have three separate ones for Xene, Lochlan and Neva and then we have a kids account for the four younger ones. I love the fact that I can log the four younger ones onto their account and it will show them the shows they have been watching, meaning it is much easier for them to just click on it, in fact Viggo aged 3 is getting an expert at it!

I am currently working my way through 13 Reasons Why (love the fact I can actually sit down and watch a series, in the name of ‘work’) Kaide and Neva are on season 6 of Once Upon A Time, and Neva and Xene binge watched the latest season of Voltron when it came out last week!

If you are not familiar with any of these shows, do not fear I shall be bringing you news of latest shows and films to hit Netflix, as well as Top 10 lists from each of the children, so there should be plenty to read up on, and not only that, I have an entire Stream Team to introduce you to.

To keep up to date with all things Netflix, check them all out and also check out #NetflixStreamTeam over on twitter, make sure you are following @Hexmumplus1.

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