Not Many Shopping Days left!

We have just attended a very lovely Carol Concert for Kaide and Eowyn, the whole four classes were brilliant, although it does mean there is only one school day left before they break up for the Christmas holidays, Neva and Lochlan have already finished high school and college, so this afternoon is all about working out which presents I am short of and who I still need to work out what to buy (I’m finding the older relatives slightly challenging to buy for this year!)


I must admit, most of my shopping has been done online this year, I am not a big fan of crowds and the ease of typing in what you are looking for, comparing the different sites and then getting it delivered almost instantly to the door is perfect for our super busy household.

I also love the fact that you can pick up some great discounts, my sister in law is a huge Emma Bridgewater and Cath Kidston fan, so whilst I was researching, I discovered discount promo codes have some great discount codes, so if you have a fan, do check these out.


How many pairs of slippers is a reasonable amount to buy, as that’s all I ever seem to buy my mum! Asa’s dad has requested a Hydrangea bush which is great in the spring, not sure how successful I will be in December, the children had lists in October, but surprise surprise, they have changed and new things are added each day, does everyone else’s children do that, or is it just mine ?

I can never think of things to add to my Christmas List, so I have started leaving it next to the television, and if I see anything whilst watching TV, I add it to my list, but if Santa is watching I would very much like a lighting set, with light boxes, and a few backgrounds because it is so incredibly hard to take great photographs during the winter months.

What is on your Christmas List this year ?

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