We NEED to visit Peppa Pig World!


With just over three weeks until the next school holidays, I guess it’s about time I started to think about how we are going to fill the two weeks at easter, as I am sure you all know by now, between 30th March and 28th April we have five of our family birthdays, so the Easter Holidays are always pretty manic!

I have the first week off from work, so I would really like to take the children somewhere they haven’t been before and somewhere the younger ones would enjoy too.

Tyrus isn’t one for large crowds of people, much as he enjoys going out, he isn’t very good with lots of people UNLESS it is something he is engrossed in, or something he associates with, so I am thinking his two obsessions at present are Wallykazam and Peppa Pig, as far as I am aware there is yet to be a Wallykazam World so i guess it may have to be a trip to Paultons Park – Home of Peppa Pig World.

The thing that I love about Paultons Park is that it has something for everyone, its as if it was specifically made for us!


Tyrus and Viggo would adore the Peppa Pig world part, the older children will love all of the thrill rides, there are lots of family things to do too, such as the 4D cinema, and they all love animals, though i’m not too sure about the newly advertised Critter Creek!

So, with that decided, I checked the route from the lovely Sunrise Coast and found that it was a mere 230 miles!!

Much as my children love going for car journeys, the thought of that amount of miles does not appeal to me, so it will mean an overnight stay, so I googled places to stay near Peppa Pig World, I would rather travel down the afternoon before and get up bright and early with the Park fairly close, but as I suspected everything near to the Park is pretty expensive, especially when it looks like I will have to book three rooms!!

So, I looked a little further out, within about half an hours drive, because I think that is just about the right time to spend in a car with seven excitable children!! The Holiday Inn Fareham can accommodate all nine of us and it includes breakfast too, there is a swimming pool and they have activity packs and games available to amuse the children. Under 12s also eat free when dining.

Anyone else going to visit Peppa Pig World at Easter ?

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