A Mum’s Guide To Flourishing Despite Your Hectic Life

Whether you have one child or a whole house full being a mum must be one of the busiest and most mentally draining callings out there. In fact, some days it can even feel a little overwhelming! Despite this, however, it is possible to flourish as a busy mum, just read on to find out how.


Prioritising right is essential when you are a busy mom. That means you have to give some serious consideration to the things that you choose to spend your time on.

Somethings cannot be avoided or rescheduled. When a nappy need changing it needs doing now, and then a little one has fallen over and grazed their knee it needs sorting out right away. However, I do think that sometimes we can get caught up in the ‘perfect momma’ routine and force ourselves to do things that could wait for a bit longer.

For example, if you are exhausted and the kids haven’t slept properly for days, do you really need to ensure the house is spotless and all your cupboards are immaculately organised? Probably not. Actually,  a quick wipe over the key surfaces with an antibacterial spray will do for now. What you should really be prioritising is resting if you get the chance, as then you will have the energy to deal without whatever the kids throw at you next!


You can also help yourself to flourish as a busy mum by streamlining as many tasks as possible. After all, you don’t get mum points for effort, or how long a job took you to do!

That means if you can wash the darks and the lights together and use a colour catcher, go for it. If you can buy healthy snacks that fit comfortably in the kid’s lunch box rather than having to bake ones from scratch, why not?

Don’t fall into the perfect mum trap.

You can even streamline time-consuming jobs like taking the kids to the doctors by using an app that gives you the chance of accessing a doctor online at any time without even leaving the house! Something that can be a real godsend if you have a little one with a fever that needs immediate attention.


Stopping isn’t something that we often get to do as mums, in fact, it can feel like someone always needs their nose blown, help with their homework, or a snack making. However, it is important to remember that no one functions well over the long term if they are always on the go.

That means regular breaks in the day for some quiet time when you can collect your thoughts, or touch base with friends is essential to your well being. Something that is incredibly important, not just because the better you feel, the better you can provide for your family, but also because it helps you to retain a sense of perspective and emotional wellness too. An aspect of health that as a mum you should not be expected to sacrifice, no matter how many kids you have or how busy your life is.

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