Movin’ On Up: If You Want To Change Your Life, Then Do It

We’ve all been there at some point, and we’ll all be there again at another point. Life is full of highs and lows, and, when we’re low, it’s easy to look inwards and reflect on what we want to change about ourselves; or, simply, what we want to change about our situation. It’s easy to be critical and become a little hopeless because of it. The irony of this cycle is that the more glumly we think of life, the less motivated we are to do something to change it.


However, there’s always a way to make a change in your life. That doesn’t always have to mean climbing to the top of a mountain and gazing out upon a majestic bed of fluffy clouds, as the rather deep and thoughtful chap in the picture above seems to be doing. Sometimes making a change in your life is about doing something small to change your mindset in a huge way. The key, without meaning to quote Shia LaBeouf, is to just do it. If that isn’t enough guidance, here are my thoughts on some ways you could work towards changing your life today.

Find your meaning to life.

Different people have different beliefs. Some people think there’s one universal meaning to life, but some people think there’s none. Either way, we can all give life our own meaning. If it is just a blank canvas, then that’s an exciting thing. It means the only meaning life has is whatever meaning we want it to have.

Think about what the important things are in your life. Whatever makes you happy should be your guiding light, so to speak. In order to succeed in life, we each have to be driven, and that can only happen when we follow the things which truly give us passion. Don’t let people steer you in other directions, because you’ll never truly be fulfilled that way. If you’re an artist, don’t let people tell you there’s no career opportunities there. It’s never too late to ditch that accounting job and study graphic design. There are always opportunities for those with the drive to pursue them.


You could improve your living situation.

Your home is your base of operations. After a long day of work or studying, depending on wherever you currently find yourself in life, your home is important. Don’t diminish it, because it’s the only place on earth where you should truly feel at peace. If your home isn’t making you happy, then do something about it. Install some new kitchen appliances, if the creaky cupboards and busted oven are driving you insane. Better still, if you want a change of scenery and a fresh start, then there’s nothing stopping you from hiring a moving company and finding a home elsewhere.


Connect with people.

Yeah, that’s right. People. We love ‘em and we hate ‘em at the same time. We’re people too, of course, but we know our own flaws. Still, isolating yourself from the world is a clear path to depression, and you’ll find that simply making new friends or reconnecting with old ones is a great way to reignite a sleeping brain. If you want to change your life, go and live it with the people who matter.

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