The Morrison Morning School Run Havoc!


The school runs in the Morrison household are frantic, fraught, flippin stressful and not much fun! If you have two children to get ready for school in the morning and you find it very stressful, multiply it by 3…

The actual getting dressed is fine, they are all pretty self sufficient, Tyrus and Viggo need a little help, but the rest can at least manage to get their school jumpers on the right way (I am guessing the underwear is the right way!). Breakfast is quick and easy if I have the specific cereals each of them like, or there are pain au chocolates or croissants, actually getting them to eat them is probably the biggest challenge, why is it that children choose the morning time to eat their slowest, each mouthful seems to take 5 minutes to chew and swallow!


Next, teeth brushing, I must admit that I very rarely even go near the upstairs bathroom when they all head up to brush their teeth as it really does resemble a war!

The next morning task is hair! OMG it would be so much easier if all of my children wanted shaved heads…

Eowyn has very long hair, nearly to her waist, but she is not a fan of the hairbrush, which results in lots of stroppy teenage tantrum mode and lots of whinging about how much I am killing her! Funny enough when she goes to the hairdressers, there is not a peep, the first thing they usually do is straighten it, so i’m wondering if I should invest in a hair straightening brush, its got to be easier than the constant battles I have! Imagine a school morning without the hair fiasco! It would also save me time when the old girls want their hair straightened for going out, as the could do it whilst dying their hair. Lochlan has super curly hair and I am sure he would love to go into college with straight hair every now and then, he has already been talking about dying it rainbow colours! If he straightened it, we would probably find his is nearly as long as the girls!

After Hair battles, it’s shoes time, which is fine if they haven’t just opened the shoe cupboard door and thrown them in the night before, if they have, it is a scramble into the cupboard that resembles a rabbit digging a burrow! I am convinced I will go in there one day and end up in Narnia!

Finally, its coats, bags and water bottles in the car, and fingers crossed for no icy windscreens, and we are away, by 8.10am the VERY latest…

What’s Your School Run Like, do you have any top time saving tips ?

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