Live Entertainment Ideas That Don’t Involve Music

Live music may be one of the most popular forms of entertainment. More than half of Americans attend live music events every year, according to the 2018 Music 360 Report conducted by Nielsen Music, but it’s certainly not the only option.

Many unique entertainment ideas that don’t involve music can make your event one to remember, far more than they would some knockoff band, including these.

A Magician

While famous musicians like Penn & Teller may be out of your price range, there are many outstanding magicians who can wow their audiences without performing any cringe-worthy tricks. There are even some rather well-known magicians like Adam Wylie of “Masters of Illusion” fame that can be hired at a more affordable cost while performing tricks that are just about guaranteed to keep your guests talking long after the event is over.

A Comedian

If you want to get your guests laughing, having a good time, and perhaps even strengthening bonds between them, considering hiring a comedian. There’s a wide range of talent available in just about any given city, and experienced comedians will put on a show that’s sure to make for a happier audience. If you’re looking for entertainment for a corporate function and want to increase optimism among employees through stress relief and laughter, there may be no better way to do it. 


It’s not every day that people get the opportunity to see a live hypnotist. While they may have seen one on TV or in films, it’s an entirely different experience in person, and it guarantees they’ll want to tell all their friends. For any event where you’re looking to increase attendance, over say, last year’s boring office holiday party, or a convention aimed to boost sales, a hypnotist can be the key to accomplishing that. Not only will they be talking before the event, but they’ll be talking about it long after it’s said and done too. A hypnotist provides the ideal amount of audience interaction as a one-of-a-kind, unique and engaging experience.

Trapeze Artists

Want to take your cocktail hour or any type of party to a whole new level? Consider hiring live trapeze artists to perform overhead. These performers deliver a thrill a minute, astounding guests with high-flying acrobatics. Professionals are designed to keep everyone mesmerized, meaning there will never be a dull moment. They can create intricate patterns that fuse circus skills and ballet to create a breathtaking show. Some use 3D projection for an ever-changing landscape of light that responds to their moves, making it even more jaw-dropping.

Fire Dancers

Just imagine, all your guests have finished their dinner and are starting to feel sleepy. It’s suddenly become very quiet, but then you open up the dance floor and fire performers walk in. The mood is instantly transformed thanks to the dazzling routines with rhythmic flames from fire-eating and fire hoops to aerial props, making yours the social event of the year.

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