Less Than Ten Weeks To Go! Waterbirth Anyone ?

Well, 30 weeks have certainly flown by, not sure it seemed this quick with the other pregnancies, but I am not complaining.

I had my 30 week check on Thursday and the midwife confirmed that wiggly is indeed head down, but not yet engaged –  that would explain the feeling of having a watermelon between my legs every time I take a step!!

Bloods were taken to check I am not amaemic and that I have all the antibodies I started off with!! Today I slept until 2.30pm so I am wondering if my Iron levels are slightly too low, I shall give them a ring for the results in a few days, just to be sure.

The past few days I have started to think about the birth, little wiggly (who still has no real name!) is due on 5th September, which would be the perfect day as Eowyn starts full time school on 4th September, so it would be quite handy to drop her off for her first day at school and be greeted by a new brother on her return!! (I can dream!)

Tyrus’s homebirth was lovely, I started with contractions at 5am, called the midwife, Asa got all of the children ready for school and dropped them as usual, on his return it was just over an hour before Tyrus arrived, exactly 3 minutes after my waters broke!

Just after the Birth

My homebirth was lovely and I am very excited to be doing it again, the only decision I am struggling with is whether to repeat the same as with Tyrus, just rocking backwards and forwards, using the birthing ball and giving birth upright, or to go with the option of a waterbirth, as this is going to be my very last child, I have always thought about having one, but the hospital births never ended with water!

I have researched lots of birthing pool options, and there are quite a few!!
Do I get one that you just fill up when needed, should I have one that keeps the water heated and costs more to run, should I buy one, or hire one, there really are quite a few options available.

One that has caught my eye I found purely by accident, I was looking for a birthing ball, the review you can read here and I noticed that The Miracle Box also do Birthing Pools to hire for five weeks, this seems like a sensible solution, as I was never sure how to pass it on after I had finished with it!!

It also has a heater meaning that once it has been filled the temperature remains constant. The thought of just nipping in and out of there in the final few days, instead of having to wait for a bath to be run, is quite appealing, it also states that it only cocts the same amount of electricity as a lightbulb.

You can find out more information about the pool hire on the Miracle Box Website .

But then I think will I like the water, or will it freak me out, can the children be trusted to stay out of the pool, or will I keep finding them trying to sneak in!!

At the moment Wiggly is extremely active and the bath does calm him down, but will this have the same effect in labour, will he chill out and do the job properly, or will he just chill and stay there!!

If I don’t at least try the waterbirth will I spend the rest of my life wondering what it would have been like ?

I just don’t know and would value your opinion, have you had a waterbirth, how was it, would you recommend it, please leave me a comment below giving me some advice ?

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