I wish I STILL looked like Kylie !

August 6, 2014Mandi Morrison

I sat watching the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games the other night and found myself singing along to ALL of Kylie Minogue’s songs! Some of them made me feel quite nostalgic.

When I ¬†was a young teen, Neighbours was THE show to watch after school, Kylie and Jason were all the rage and it was commented on quite a few times that I looked like Kylie Minogue, although I think it was more to do with the dodgy Charlene perm than our actual features…(No, there won’t be any embarrassing pictures added!)

Fast forward 25 years and she is STILL making records and I am a mum to seven lovely children, not much difference in our lifestyles, honest!!

All joking aside, I do think she is one incredible woman, she has managed to span four different pop decades, which there are only a few who have done it, not to mention battling and giving cancer the big heave ho.


AND, it doesn’t look like Kylie is stopping any time soon, with another tour about to go underway at the end of this month, the `Kiss Me Once Tour’ is heading to the UK in September, with three dates at The O2.

I see so many young mums, posting on various social media sites about them approaching the big 30 and how dreadful it is, so its great to see women like Kylie who are nearer to the big 50, showing the female population that there is certainly life after 30, and with me nearing the big 40, this is excellent news!!

Although I am unsure if I could pull off her White Jumpsuit or Gold Hotpants….

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