Keeping Pests Out Of Your Home

Pest Control

At some point, pretty much every building ever constructed is going to have a problem with vermin and insects to some degree. Such creatures have absolutely no concept of ownership whatsoever, they are simply looking for a comfortable environment in which to live and breed. Our homes provide warmth and shelter, making them a lot more attractive than the great outdoors, especially in winter. Dealing with bugs and rodents is a massive industry, with poisons available in most supermarkets, and professionals offering services to deal with the problems the over-the-counter products fail to provide. Homeowners’ natural reaction to finding their property invaded by unwanted critters is often to poison them, though this can end up with the smell of rotting corpses permeating the house, with the dead out of sight and unrecoverable, plus of course, the danger poisons can have to pets and small children. Simple and safe options are obviously preferable.


Electronic Options

As our understanding of everything around us has grown, so we are better able to understand the actions and reactions of animals and insects, along with what they need and like, as well as what they don’t like. The human ear is capable of hearing frequencies between 20 Hertz and 20 Kilohertz, though animals and insects can detect frequencies much higher. The dog whistle is a classic example, which when blown emits nothing we can hear but the dog most certainly can. Electronic devices emit either ultrasonic sound or electromagnetic pulses, which are designed to provide an unpleasant environment for pests, but completely inaudible to us. Akin to a klaxon blaring, or a very high-pitched whining which would have us covering our ears and moving somewhere quieter, the idea is to cause auditory stress to drive them away.


Ultrasonic Devices



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The theory behind the ultrasonic device is that it emits sounds that only pests can hear, but which cause sufficient distress to cause the bug or mouse to leave and go somewhere else. An immediately obvious problem with the use of ultrasonic though, is that it does not penetrate walls, instead bouncing back, so that the creepy crawlies and rodents behind the wall do not hear it. With an effective line of sight range only, it may have an effect on mosquitoes and other insects, but is unlikely to be effective against long-term residents. Pets you have, especially smaller ones like hamsters and guinea pigs, may well be able to hear it though, causing them significant distress.


Electromagnetic Devices

While ultrasonic has not been proven to be effective at repelling rodents, electromagnetic devices have. Pest Free USA has come up with electronic rodent repellent which plugs simply into any electrical socket in your house, and subsequently sends out bursts of electromagnetic pulses, which travel throughout the entire wiring system of your property. That warm and cozy mouse nest behind your walls suddenly becomes a place of unbearable noise and discomfort, persuading the inhabitants to relocate. It should be noted that mice will not leave and abandon newborn babies, so there may be a period between its introduction and the desired result, though it has proven successful in eradicating a large number of pests.

With money back guarantees being offered, it is an option that many should try for themselves, offering an ecofriendly, child safe option in every home’s ongoing battle to keep the pests away.

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