Is Your Kitchen Getting A Little Too Messy? Tips For Cleaning Up

After all, you’re a busy mum, and that means you often have little time to stay on top of housework. Cleaning up the bathroom after the kids have finished with bathtime is a big enough job, never mind being able to whip round the rest of the house too! And that’s where all your frustration comes from; you hate how messy your home can get, especially when it comes to the kitchen. But that’s where posts like these come in – here are a few tips for keeping things tidy when you’ve only got a few minutes to spare. 

Clear Off the Counters

The counters in your kitchen are going to get cluttered, sticky, and messy whether you like it or not! After all, this is a family home, and it’s easy to just put things done where you can reach them. But to prevent this from becoming a problem so annoying that steam comes out your ears, it’s a good idea to put away everything that’s already on the counters. 

Those jars that line the backsplash? Move them to a relevant cupboard. Those utensil pots? Buy some hanging pots you can put up instead. Those snacks that never quite make it from the shopping bag to storage? Just throw them in a box and shove them out of sight! 

Getting Inside the Oven

The oven can be a pretty dirty place, let’s be honest! A lot of food debris can build up in there, and getting inside to clean it can be tricky. It takes a lot of elbow grease, even when you’ve got a top cleaning spray on hand to help out, and you need about half an hour to scrub it down properly. 

So how can you make this easier? Make sure you clean the oven after each use; a quick one or two minute wipe down can save you a lot of trouble! And then once or twice a year make sure you check out the deeper system, especially parts like the gas regulator valve. Surface level oven maintenance is useless if you’re not sure how well it’s even working in the first place! 

Keep the Dishwasher Empty

And finally, a quick one to finish up: make sure the dishwasher is always empty of clean dishes and you’ve got room to load it up with dirty ones. This keeps the sink clean and the draining board free of items and just generally makes the kitchen easier to look at overall. 

And it’s far less overwhelming to keep the place clean when you haven’t got a mountain of washing up to do! So about 20 minutes after each cycle ends, take a minute to unload and give yourself some room to work with. 

Your kitchen is the most likely room for getting messy. Don’t let this get the best of you; take a few minutes every day to perform the above chores to keep things neat and tidy – you’ll feel a lot better for it!

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