As you know we are HUGE fans of gNappies, Viggo only managed a few days in Tiny Gs as he was such a larger than expected baby, the smalls have been amazing, and now the news you have all been waiting for…The gJingle

The Limited Edition gJingle perfectly captures the joy of the season with this vibrant red and silver foil design. Collect this design for babies first Christmas to remember the magical day.


I LOVE it and know what Viggo will be wearing to bed on Christmas Eve ready to meet the Big Guy!!

gNappies is committed to creating a world where conventional nappies no longer exist. In 2005 gNappies introduced the disposable nappy inserts that can be composted. The inserts tuck inside gorgeous looking, thoughtfully-designed nappy covers that have helped make gNappies one of the most respected baby brands on the market.

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