Indoor garden ideas for small space living

Apartment dwellers who are nature lovers know the struggle of wanting a lush garden, but having to cope with the lack of space available. Nevertheless, even though space might be an issue, there should be no reason to not embrace your green thumb! Gardening, especially indoor gardening has been growing in popularity for the last couple of years. Not only is it a great way to bring nature into your home, but gardening is also considered one of the best ways to alleviate stress and to relax. Gardening is also an excellent way to learn more about growing our own food that is pesticide-free and all organic. Even though indoor gardening might be tricky for someone just starting off, it is definitely not impossible! Here are a few interesting, eye-catching ideas for an indoor garden.

1. Fairy gardens

The dearest and most magical creatures for any little girl are definitely fairies. If you are still a child at heart, or maybe have a kid at home, then creating a miniature fairy garden might be the perfect whimsical project. For those who do not know, fairy gardens are miniature gardens that are home to real growing plants. Some people even believe that such a magical addition brings joy and good luck to any home. To begin the project, it is best to start off small and make use of materials that you might already have at home. One great idea is to reuse an old suitcase. Just make sure to line the insides with fabric and find ways to deal with excess moisture from the soil. Then, add some cute miniature plants and maybe DIY fairy houses and add other unique decors. Another excellent material that you can easily find lying around is a ceramic pot, preferably a broken one. Not only does a broken pot look rustic, but it is a great way to up cycle old items that do not serve their purpose anymore. If you want to be extra fancy then go for some adorable fairy lights. It is more than certain that any child will spend hours tending the sweet fairy garden.

2. Herb gardens

The next idea will definitely appeal to those gardeners who like to cook a lot. As a matter of fact, herbs can be quite pricey in supermarkets, so this is a great way to save some extra money. A fantastic indoor garden idea is to grow your own herbs on the windowsill. Actually, herbs are easier to work with than other plants, because they are not as demanding. For instance, herbs do not need as much soil and can be placed almost anywhere where there is light. A creative idea to grow your own herbs is to use up some old mason jars that you certainly have lying around your home or which you can get quite cheap basically anywhere. Some places even sell mason jars in bulk, so you will definitely come across a good deal. You can attach the mason jars with the help of a couple of handy supplies right onto the wall, or just scatter them on the windowsill. Then, fill up each jar with an herb of your choice, and voila, you have your very own herb garden. Bonus tip! If you want to bring in nature even more and replicate real grass, then opt for quality artificial grass from environmentally friendly companies like Mat Shop. Not only will your guest be amazed by your innovative herb garden, but they will also get the feeling of being outdoors.

3.DIY terrarium

Are you looking for something similar to a fairy garden, but you want it to be even more magical than it is? Then look no further, because a terrarium is a perfect choice for any room. By doing this project all by yourself you are able to demonstrate your creativity and have fun at the same time. The best plants that go well living in a terrarium are succulents. As a matter of fact, the glass casing is said to act as a miniature greenhouse, so your succulents will thrive in your room without any hassle. If you want to step up your creativity game then look for interesting figurines and decor items that you can incorporate into the whole look. Also, you can add some old light bulbs or even reach for a book or two to add a fairytale flare to your very own terrarium.

4. Vegetable garden on your balcony

Nothing beats growing your own food. It is an alarming fact that most vegetables sold on markets are filled with pesticides. The importance of buying organic food should not be overlooked, but sometimes these items tend to be overpriced. A great way to bring nature into your home, yet experiment with veggies is to create your own vegetable garden on the balcony. It is best to go for plants that thrive in pots, such as spinach, lettuce and tomatoes. Also, consider growing nutrient dense foods such as carrots or maybe even cucumbers. One food staple health conscious people have been raving about lately is microgreens. Microgreens, such as sunflower shoots not only taste better, but they can also be eaten whole-including the roots! Nevertheless, do not forget to mist your plants with water a few times a day!

5.Hanging coconut planters

If you are a fan of all things that go well with the tropical theme, then you should consider saving the coconut shell after you are done with it. One of the most creative, yet easy projects that you can do to add a bit of tropical flair to your room is to split the coconut in half and make it into a cute planter. The process is simple. All you need to do is drill three holes in the shell and run some thick thread through them. Next, just hang it up anywhere you want and enjoy in one of the most decorative ideas you could have imagined.

All in all, if you live in an apartment or you just do not have access to an outdoor area, you can still have a gorgeous indoor garden that all of your friends will be jealous of. Get creative and good luck!

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