How to Increase the Value of Your Home

There is no place like home but the sad fact is that you are likely to move house at least once during your lifetime. That is why you have to think about constantly adding value to your home so you would get the best possible deal when selling it. Additions to your home don’t have to be expensive and they need not include elaborate construction work. In fact, if you have a limited budget but plenty of goodwill and free time, you can increase the value of your real estate in no time!

Keep the House Clean
Believe it or not, but a clean house can fetch a bigger price on the market. Prospective buyers are often dazzled by pristinely cleaned homes as this is an excellent indicator that the house had been maintained properly. The key to making everything shine inside is regular maintenance that will prevent mould and mildew from appearing and destroying the house for good. Even regular dusting can make a first impression that could add hundreds of pounds to the final price.

Polish the Metal
In close relation to cleaning the house is polishing the floors, windows and everything metallic. Door knobs, drawer handles and balustrades all lose their shine after a short period but it can be restored. A cloth and a special cleaning solution can do wonders and bring back the old glow in a matter of minutes. After all, the front door knob is likely the first thing the buyers will touch on the house, so make sure it is as shiny as possible.

Boost Curb Appeal
Before prospective buyers set foot in your edifice, their first impression of the house will be its look from the street. Just step into the street and take a fresh look of your edifice. If you notice that the windows or blinds need cleaning, clean them. If you spot a few loose roof tiles, have them replaced. Finally, if the paint job of the front façade is starting to fade, choose a suitable color and repaint the whole exterior of your house.

Add a Patio to the Backyard
Homeowners are often trying to increase the value of their home by building beautiful patios in their backyards. They provide excellent protection against the elements enabling you to spend more time in the garden even during the hot summer days. Also, they enable you to spend time outside and breathe the fresh air even when the rain won’t stop for days. That is why this addition to the house is really considered a luxury and it will add to the value of your home.

One Room at a Time
Sometimes ambition could be a bad thing and this is especially true during home renovation. You want to increase the value of your home gradually, not turn the entire place into a construction site that cannot be lived in. Even if you have enough funds for the entire house, renovate one room at a time. The sprucing up of your home requires you to focus and know exactly what is being redecorated at what time.

Make the Bathroom More Beautiful
It is highly unlikely that prospective buyers will insist to see the garden shed, for instance, but they would definitely want to have a look at the bathroom. That is why introducing a couple of small improvements can beautify it significantly. A towel heater, step-in shower, and vanity lighting are details that people will definitely appreciate and be ready to pay extra for them.
The conclusion is that each and every upgrade you make to your house should be introduced with selling the house in mind. Don’t go to the extremes and stick to conventional renovation methods.

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