How To Fire-Proof Your Roof And Protect Your Home

The roof is one of the most integral parts of your home and if you don’t look after it properly, you open yourself up to a lot of problems. It’s important that you keep up with routine roof maintenance, but you also need to manage fire risks.

Your roof is very susceptible to fire and once it takes hold, it spreads rapidly. If you want to keep your family safe and avoid damage to your home, follow these tips to fire-proof your roof. 

Check How Fire-Resistant Your Roof Is

The first thing you should do is check how fire-resistant your roof is. If it is old, you might have to consider improving its durability through maintenance or replacement. Before you do anything else, call in a professional roofer and find out what needs doing. They’ll be able to inspect your home and tell you if you have any issues. If certain parts of your roof need replacing, they can advise what work needs to be carried out. 

For example, if the fire-resistant layer of your roof is cracking or missing in places, a professional will be able to tell you and deal with the repairs for you. They’ll also be able to put a new fire-resistant layer in place, if necessary, insulating your roof and boosting its durability.

If you have a thatched roof, a professional will be able to tell you if it’s in good enough condition to be left as is or whether thatch replacement is necessary. You need to call in specialist thatching services as a normal roofer is unlikely to have the expertise to deal with it. Thatched roofs look amazing, but they do pose a higher fire risk, so they need to be checked more regularly. 

Cut Back Trees Near The Roof

You also need to make sure that the trees around your roof are safe and won’t spread a fire from one part of your property to another. You should think about cutting back branches or even getting rid of trees entirely, especially if they’re close enough for their leaves to land on your roof and feed flames. If the trees are too old or large to cut down, you might have to consider using a fire-retardant spray instead.

It is recommended that you keep any branches within 10 feet of your roof as clear and free from leaves as possible. Trim back any overhanging branches and remove any that you think may pose a danger to your home.

Fix Cracks In The Roof

You should also look for signs of damage on your roof. It’s important that you find any cracks, particularly around vent holes, and fix them as quickly as possible. They could provide a way for fire to spread through your roof and into your home if embers fall in, so regular roof maintenance is crucial. Not only will it prevent fires, but it will also save you money in repairs in the long run. 

It is absolutely essential that you take these steps to fire-proof your roof and avoid any disasters in the future. 


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