How can your whole family improve their daily hygiene by using old French bathroom improvement?

Centuries ago, some unknown French woodworker made the first bidet ever – a small object that was going to be used by millions of people all over the world even today, improve our health to a big extent and even help us reduce our environmental footprint.

This old French bathroom improvement has been increasingly popular in the growing number of countries and doctors were among the first ones to notice its dominance over other bathroom instalments.

The ugly truth revealed

It’s a taboo in many countries to talk about our anus hygiene. Nobody wants to admit having problems with skin irritation around this sensitive area, let alone to talk about the pain of dealing with haemorrhoids and other bowel-related conditions.

The truth is that the technique of using toilet paper to clean our privates isn’t as effective as we all would like to believe. Let’s be direct – how clean do you think your anus skin gets when you use dry paper to remove the debris? You wouldn’t use dry paper to clean your body, so why would you do that with this sensitive part of your skin?

If we look at the problem from the environmental aspect, the amount of toilet paper used every day around the world is concerning. Piles of toilet paper clog the pipes, causing floods and also polluting the waters around the cities and villages, damaging the health of every family and entering every household.

The sensitive groups

People of all ages are susceptible to skin rash and irritation, especially children. Their sensitive skin can get easily irritated when using toilet paper that’s full of synthetic fragrances and chemicals used for its production. Moreover, children tend to be too sloppy when cleaning themselves and too harsh in their movements. If you have more than one child, you know it’s impossible to take care of each kid’s personal hygiene thoroughly every day and every part of the day. That’s why it’s necessary to teach your children proper personal hygiene from their early age, like brushing their teeth regularly and eating healthy foods to help their proper hormone development. But it’s also equally important to teach them how to take care of their intimate parts. We all remember how our grannies made us wash our hands every time we would use the toilet – now, you don’t have to do the same with your children, as they won’t need to use their hands when cleaning their privates. Using a bidet means your child will keep their hands clean, as well as their sensitive skin around the anus and genitals. The great thing about bidets that today they are produced so that they can easily be used by anybody, so it’s only natural to include it into your kid-friendly bathroom.

Another group that can greatly benefit from using a bidet is the elderly. Many of them are too weak to maintain their personal hygiene on their own, while some of them are even disabled. The bidet shop that has this group of people in mind will have bidets that allow them to be independent after using the toilet as some of them allow people to sit and adjust the temperature of water and its direction for highest comfort.

Other benefits

Every person gets benefits from using a bidet. Women protect their intimate health because using a bidet will prevent many genital diseases from developing, while people suffering from bowel-related conditions will feel great relief from pain and other troubling symptoms. Also, clean skin is a sure way to healthy skin, free of irritation and redness.

From the green point of view, every household has the chance to reduce its environmental impact because a bidet is actually one of the most water-efficient bathroom installations today. Not only does it save water, but it also removes the need for toilet paper that hurts the environment from the very moment it goes into the production process. So, France’s gift to us is not only the high fashion and the luxury lifestyle and furniture. Its gift is also this revolutionary invention that makes our everyday life simpler and the environment cleaner.

Final comment

After numerous misconceptions about the bidet and its proper use that are present even in some developed countries, it’s clear that the last several decades were the result of human ignorance and embarrassment of asking how to use a bidet. Today, it’s high time we realised how important it is for the personal hygiene of our family and our own, as well as for our planet Earth.


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