Home Improvement Ideas For Smaller Families

Millions of people make small dwellings in their homes. The reasons for people choosing small homes over large ones can vary from financial restrictions to intentional choices. However, this does not mean that small houses are not comfortable.

Despite being smaller in area, both carpet and super-built, small houses can be improved far better than a bigger house may be. And following, are some ideas in support of the claim.

Consider Convertible Furniture

Small homes often feature smaller areas to fit in the regular-sized furniture. For instance, fitting in a common area, a dining area, and a full king-sized bed might be a problem with small homes. And there’s the need for proper rooms for kids. However, with modular furniture, this ain’t a problem anymore. For example, people install folding beds that fit into walls, tables that come out of drawers, and sofa-sets that can also convert into a king-size bed when needed. Such innovative furniture designs can save a lot of money as well as benefit smart use of the available small area.

Wooden bunk beds in family room of a luxury hotel resort with steps

Reusing Waste Materials for DIY Decorations

Besides furniture, small families also indulge in DIY ideas. And mostly these ideas are to improve the aesthetics of the dwelling. For instance, wall gardens from used plastic bottles, self-designed plastic light covers, and wall paints are some of the common DIY projects that can be spotted easily in every small house. Such DIY projects are great for economical design ideas. Moreover, such ideas also help reuse and reduce waste, making living for small families more sustainable. Another example is making windchimes from scrap and waste which can easily be found in every house.

Investing in A Budget-Friendly Power Backup

Most of the small houses prefer living off-grid with sustainable resources and supplies. Power, which is one of the most necessary resources today cannot be spared. However, planning to live off-grid means that one cannot plug into the regular supply of electricity from power agencies and discoms. Therefore, it is crucial to fix a power backup to fulfill the energy needs. Experts from Ablesales suggest that a portable generator in addition to the solar panels can help meet all the necessary energy needs for small families. Solar panels can supply electricity during ordinary days, and the portable diesel generator can help meet the emergency power needs. This combination is both budget-friendly and reliable for small families.

LOFT Bedrooms can Save a lot of Working Space

LOFT areas are the smartest features, that any house can include. Although loft bedroom designs are commonly used in huge houses to extend the living area, the same cannot be said for a small house. Smaller dwellings have little or no area they can spare. Thus, converting a loft area into a bedroom seems like a necessary design feature for smaller homes. That being said, the aesthetic improvement it brings to the house also cannot be ignored. Furthermore, consider the amount of space it can save in a house if the loft can be redesigned into a bedroom. The rest of the area can be designed to serve as a common area, or a home office, or even a play area for the kids.

Put up Power Saving Electrical Lights and Fixtures

Since putting up a secondary power source is what most small families prefer for their small homes, the lights and other electrical fixtures must be also installed in compliance with the power source. Typically, a solar panel is not sufficient to power huge loads and heavy equipment. Therefore, installing smart energy-saving lights and fixtures is the most suitable way out. Moreover, such fixtures can also result in huge savings in terms of money.

Consider an Eco-Friendly Water System

Lastly, another important supply system in every home is the plumbing and sewage system. Essentially, small families have also come up with innovative solutions to reduce the cost of water bills. For instance, compost toilets do not require water, thus saving huge bills. The grey water from the kitchen is usually used to water the gardens. And the waste from the toilet to produce compost which is an excellent fertilizer. All of such ideas, not only help save money but also are eco-friendly. Small families are often the most aware dwellers that work towards saving the environment.

To sum it up, these ideas are a great inspiration for small families. Or perhaps, for everyone who thinks of living a sustainable lifestyle. So, if you’re also one of them, then do try and include these ideas into your tiny living space.

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