Helping Your Child Deal with Exam Stress

Exams are encountered all the time throughout our lives, especially in moments of personal development and in school. Children will become very used to this in that they will be able to handle the level of stress required, so long as their parents are willing to develop techniques to support them. This top A Level College in the UK has some top tips to help your child with their exam woes.

Help them set up a timetable

A timetable of when and where they can revise is a good way of helping your child work within their own means while getting important work done. Having a plan of what subjects can be studied each day makes for a good process, ensuring that each subject gets enough attention. You can also see how much work your child will need to manage – aim to only suggest a couple of hours a night so that their days are not entirely revolved around revision.

Make sure they take plenty of breaks

Having a timetable will clearly show a child how much time they should be spending on each subject across a week. There should also be enough time for a child to take breaks across their study time and a day off or two to give their brain a chance to rest. Overloading a child’s day is only a recipe for disaster; they should be having a break at least once an hour.

Monitor their sleep schedule

You see it all the time on TV shows and films where students are staying well past their bedtime to cram for an exam. In reality this isn’t recommended – we all need a decent night’s sleep each night to help with our stress levels and to give ourselves enough rest. Whatever you learn late at night probably won’t be remembered the next morning.

Maintain a healthy diet

Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, as well as a nutritious breakfast, makes for a happy child that’s geared up for the day. This doesn’t mean that your child can’t have treats now and then, but try to save them for when your child has finished a big exam or has done really well in a mock test.

Show them that these rewards should give them a focus when it comes to the final series of exams. It’ll manage their stress levels and stop them relying too much on sugar, which can cause them to crash later on in the day.

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