Have You Tried Readly ? It’s real #MagazineMagic

What has Asa been reading this week!
What has Asa been reading this week!

I am very lucky that all seven of my children ADORE reading, just yesterday Neva was presented with a signed copy of a book, because she was nominated as the person who reads most in school, in fact the other day, one of her classmates put up their hand and said “Sir, Neva is reading again!”

So I have no worries about their interest in books, although it does cost me a small fortune, thank goodness for things like kindle unlimited, which provides her with enough books.

The boys love books, but they are also huge fans of magazines, Lochlan with gaming mags and Kaide with wrestling or sport, so I was very curious to learn more about Readly.

In June I was introduced to Readly,  it is advertised as the Ultimate magazine subscription and it is exactly that!

For just £7.99 per month, you have access to over 1,500 top title magazines, it truly has changed the entire family’s life.

You download the app onto your devices ( a maximum of five) including kindle fires, smart phones and ipads. You can create five individual profiles that you can customise to your taste, Asa’s seems to be full of Rugby and American Football!

On Friday and Saturday’s we usually buy a newspaper to keep up with what is going on in the world, but not during the week as we never seem to have time, although in the evenings when the children have finally gone to bed, it is nice to sit down and read something or watch a bit of television ( usually a film or a series we have recorded, as we are very choosy with our spare time, because it is so limited!) For the past month I have noticed that Asa has been sat at the dining room table with my ipad (a device he has never showed any interest in), suddenly it dawned on me, he was on Readly, his first stop was a Rugby magazine as it had listed all the results from the season and his Rugby Club had been promoted, it was strange to see his information right there in front of me.

Readly has also given me a huge amount of storage in the house, as I always used to keep crafting magazines I had bought, just in case I needed a hint or tip in it!

There really is something for everyone, and with nine people in the house that is less than £1 each per month, which I think represents excellent value for money, and the fact that there are not magazines strewn all over the children’s bedrooms, priceless!

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then the wonderful people at Readly are offering a one month trial for all my lovely readers, to take advantage of this, just click here

I was given a three month Trial of Readly in exchange for my honest opinion.


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  1. I love to know that your children are in love with reading. That makes me happy! I rarely read things on apps as I like the feel of a magazine or book myself but it sure cuts down on paper and helps the environment in the long run!


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