Harumika Bridal Collection Toys R Us Review

I have seen Harumika advertised lots, so I was very intrigued to find out what it was all about, the girls love dressing up ansd designing clothing, so they were extremely excited to give it a go.

The Bridal Collection consists of 2 dress forms, stylus tools and an exclusive floral base stand, along with 12 chic formal length fabrics that come in the latest wedding colours and textures.
Additional accessories of lace and ribbons, extra large veil fabric, rhinestone sheet and fashion stickers. As an added bonus, the packaging folds out into a mirrored dressing room.

The suggested age is 6+ but all three girls loved designing and making gorgeous wedding and bridesmaid dresses, because there is no sewing on sticking involved, they could create wonderful gowns in secinds, that looked so effective.

I thought the price of £39.99 was quite expensive, but after looking at the cost of material and accessories I can see why it is that price and the play and creative value that this set has given, certainly makes me think it is worth the money.

You can purchase extra mannequins and make your very own fashion show. My eldest daughter is currently studying textiles for her GCSE so this collection really had her interest and she found it very easy to work with.

 My 9 year old daughter also enjoyed creating different dresses, and the way the material folds around the mannequin, even the 3 year old could do it.


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