Harry Potter Rocks My World

I confess to being quite the Potterhead! My older children were youngsters when the books were first published, and they loved being transported into Harry’s wizarding world. Now the little ones are discovering the – pardon the pun! – magic of the books. All 7 of them, plus myself and Asa, love the incredibly detailed and beautiful movies too.

The children on Privet Drive

Potter mania has gone a lot further than the books and movies, as you have no doubt seen. Log onto Pottermore to stay up to date with all the latest news and even some of JK Rowling’s latest writings, or get sorted into one of the 4 Hogwarts houses! Plenty of people have identified with Harry’s personal struggles and gotten help from seeing him overcome them too, and the franchise has also dealt with serious issues like racism and oppression. I know from personal experience that kids of all ages get a lot out of reading the books and watching the movies.

For those who want something a little more tangible, the range of products and memorabilia related to Harry Potter is very extensive. It may even rival the likes of Star Wars, (another franchise that my brood loves), with jewellery, Hogwarts textbooks, clothing, toys and even lunchboxes making huge profits.

I’ve even seen some very successful Harry Potter birthday parties, complete with squashed pink cakes like the one that Hagrid brought to Harry in the first instalment! Now we have new books and movies expanding the wizarding world even more, but it all began with Harry’s story. Serious Potterheads, myself included, can’t get enough of the boy wizard and the world he lives in. That’s why I’m so happy that Universal Studios has gifted us with The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Harry Potter’s Wonderful Wizarding World

Universal Studios in both Orlando and Japan have opened the Harry Potter Wizarding World to great success! I know our whole family would love to visit, buy some Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans and wash them down with a Butterbeer in the Three Broomsticks. The attention to detail is simply superb, and all that is easily possible.

You can explore Hogsmeade in its entirety, and go inside Dumbledore’s office as you walk around the Hogwarts Castle. Visit the websites to plan your trip and get the most from it, and find great package deals if you’re going with friends or family. If we get to Orlando to visit Disney World, we’ll definitely be stopping at the Wizarding World too!

Harry Potter’s London

London is a bit closer to home for us, so it’s more likely that we’ll get to explore Harry Potter’s world here than in Orlando or Japan. The last time we went I was 36 weeks pregnant with Viggo, so we are definitely due another visit soon! There are stacks of activities to explore there; it really seems like London has taken its famous fictional native into its heart.

I think top of my list would be seeing the Fantastic Beasts Graphic Art on display at House of MinaLima, or going on one of the walking tours – though that could be tricky if we have all the kids in tow. If it were just Asa and me, I’d get us to dress up as Hermione and Ron, or Ginny and Harry and make the most of a little romantic time on the side. In fact, I just might start planning a little bit of a trip now!

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