Get Back In Control Of Your Kitchen By Making A Few Simple Changes

When we are trying to be the best employee, wife/girlfriend and mother we can all at the same time, life can get pretty challenging! These are all major jobs that take a lot of dedication and time themselves. So for the most part, we need the rest of our lives to work with us, not us to work around our daily lives. One thing in particular that you don’t need to be causing you any more stress is your home kitchen. In many households, the kitchen is the hub of family life. There isn’t really a scene more perfect than your little ones doing arts and crafts at the kitchen table with you rustling up a delicious dinner in the background. Of course, this is a pretty Utopian view of what is normally a chaotic time. But there are ways achieve kitchen harmony, by following some of these simple tips.


Label everything

You may have previously turned your nose up at ‘label warriors’, who stick their little notes on just about everything. But hold up before you stop reading – getting into this habit could actually save you a lot of time and stress. You don’t need to go overboard; after all, no one needs to label their bananas or bags of rice. But think about common items that get mixed up easily, such as different types of tea bags. Mason jars are a great form of storage for things you need almost daily access to, like tea, coffee, and even pasta. By labelling the jars, you and anyone else who is using them won’t get them mixed up – and you won’t end up with salt in your tea ever again! You may also find it useful to label cupboards with what is supposed to be in them to avoid your partner/children putting things back in the wrong places.


Keep your sink tidy

This might seem like a totally achievable dream as a homeowner with small children. If you cook regularly, you will know the all too familiar sight of the sink slowly building up with dirty pots, pans and plates. It’s the kind of sight that fills you with dread when you see it, but one that we often put off sorting out. In order to keep it tidy and usable, invest in some sink organisers – one for stacking dirty pots and one for drying washed ones. Also, make sure that you have a powerful tap that is able to blast off the worse of any food residue. Consider getting some kitchen mixer taps if you feel your sink is due for an upgrade.


Sharpen those knives

The idea of sharpening kitchen knives in a home with small children fills most of us with dread. But actually, you could be putting yourself and your kids in greater danger by using blunt knives. There is a common misconception that blunt knives won’t harm you, but actually, they are much more difficult to control. This means that you are more likely to slip using a blunt knife and therefore injure someone, whereas with a sharp knife it’s easier to stay in control. Plus, you’ll get your prep and therefore your cooking finished in half the time if you’re using a sharp knife.

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