Furnish Your First Home: 7 Time-saving Interior Decoration Ideas

The idea of decorating your home for the first time is always exciting, and you’re brimming with all sorts of plans. But it’s not as straightforward or as fast as it may seem.

Sometimes the pieces that you get for your home don’t work well with each other or your home. Other times, you might find that you’re too busy to take the time to decorate your home.

If you want to learn time-saving time to furnish your first home, here are seven interior decoration ideas that can help you achieve it:

1. Double duty furniture

Choosing the pieces of furniture that you want to place inside your home can take a while. You have to match it with the theme of your home as well as with each other. Plus, if you have limited space inside your home, it can be challenging to get all the furniture that you need.

Luckily, there are modern solutions for the lack of space and the need for different furniture types.

One interior design idea that will save you a bit of time and not take up so much space would be double-duty furniture. Also called multipurpose furniture, it allows you to save money since you don’t have to get two or more different pieces of furniture.

Multipurpose furniture makes it easy to mix and match different home decor. It saves space because it only occupies one area but provides many benefits that many parts of furniture can provide.

2. Artificial flower arrangements

Plants and flowers always make for a refreshing interior design piece for any space. Having fresh flowers inside a vase on a table is a classic decor for a reason, after all. Yet, it would be impractical if you keep on buying fresh flowers to put in your vase unless you grow them yourself.

Instead of having to get fresh flowers all the time, you can get artificial flowers instead. They still add that pop of style in any room without you having to buy flowers on a weekly or so basis. Of course, nothing beats fresh flowers, so if you could get fresh ones, you can always replace your fake ones.

Since they’re fake anyway, they won’t rot. Thus, you can put them back in the vase when you don’t have fresh flowers anymore.

3. Colourful rug

One part of any room that people often neglect to decorate is the floors. What you might not realise is that changing how your floor looks can have an impact on your home’s atmosphere.

If you feel like your floors are too bare, consider getting a colourful rug to add that pop of colour your room needs.

4. Floating shelves

A huge issue that people often have when it comes to decorating their space is the lack of space available. Since their home doesn’t have a lot of space, it’s challenging to find the right storage item in each room.

Our initial thoughts about storage ideas would be to get a bookshelf in our room. Yet, a bookshelf can be quite impractical if you have limited space inside your home.

Instead of getting a bookshelf or any standing shelf, you should incorporate more of the vertical storage space. A great example would be your wall.

Installing floating shelves will give you that storage space that you need while still having room to move around. Plus, it adds a touch of modernity and elegance.

5. Vinyl wall stickers

People underestimate the decorative power of vinyl wall stickers. They’re not something that only kids have, and they’re easy to get rid of if you’re sick of them.

Vinyl wall stickers come in all sorts of designs, so you can go with eclectic ones or your subtle designs depending on the theme of a room.

furnish your first home with indoor plants

6. Indoor plants

There are few decorations in your home that can be appealing regardless of the style of the house. But according to Service Pros, one of the best mortgage brokers in Auckland, indoor plants have a great way of making any home look stylish and fresh.

Plants add that pop of green that breathes life into any space they occupy. Of course, it only works if you take care of them.

Also, plants come in a variety. They can be huge or tiny and have different colors as well. There’s a plant for your style out there, and that will make your home more beautiful.

You don’t even need to do anything special to make plants more attractive. You only need to put them in a pot or container of some sort, and they’re going to add that subtle (or not so delicate) freshness in any room.

7. Statement mirror

Mirrors aren’t only a piece of item in your house that you used to look at your reflection in, but also a statement piece. Placing a wall-mounted statement mirror adds that glamour and a focal point to your room.

It also helps that mirrors help reflect light, helping brighten up any space in your home.


Decorating can be fun and is a way for you to make yourself at home. But sometimes, you don’t have the time. With these seven time-saving interior decoration ideas, though, you can start furnishing your first home.

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